Saturday, October 30, 2010

All American Kid

This weekend Zoya learned one of the finer arts of being an American kid.....licking the beaters! Zoya LOVES to bake as I've mentioned before. Well she was helping me make a cake for her Uncle Bub's 30th BIRTHDAY and before we even used the beaters she picked them up and started licking them! This surprised me because I've tried to get her to lick the beaters a couple other times and she had no idea what to do, so I had to show her;) Well this time, without a doubt, she knew exactly what to do with those beaters when we were done!

I love to bake!

Taking a hard earned break with a cold milk watching her favorite...Signing Time!

Zoya clearly thought it was her birthday.....

Then she saw this kitchen appliance and told me she felt like she got ripped off!

Call the fire department!

If Zoya could say sentences, hers would be, "Dude, this guy is OLD! and you people are INSANE!"

Zoya and Uncle Bub's conversation went like this:
Zoya: Okay "Uncle Bub, game plan time...I made the cake, so I get the first piece, I'm willing to fight you for it"
Bub: "It's all yours"

Did I mention we had cake before dinner? :)


Bub snuck her some ice cream when she was least expecting it. She likes ice cream, but only whe she is forwarned that it's COLD. Nobody warned her!

She was pretty upset with Uncle Bub and kept shaking her head NO when he offered her more! She looks pretty suspicious of Bub here.

Happy Birthday Bub! We love you!


  1. Happy Birthday, Uncle Bub! Everyone should have dessert first at least once in their lifetime. Also, "breakfast for dinner" needs to be expierenced, too. That Zoya is full of expression and joy of life. You are great parents.

    Sue M.

  2. Awww! these pictures are wonderful. I love the one of them cheesing, and the one with all the candles lit, that look on Zoya's face is great. These will be a treasure later.

  3. I love the picture of the two of them with the lit cake in front of them and they both look like they were caught doing something they shouldn't have. Too funny!

    Definitely these two could be partners in crime together. LOL :)

    Happy Birthday to Uncle Bub!

  4. Growing up I always LOVED to lick the beaters! Then my first nephew was born and I went down to only one beater. Then my second newphew came and I was sure I would end up with none! But instead - my momma gave me the bowl!

    Psss, Zoya - do the sign for bowl next time :)

  5. Sarah - you and Shawn have a beautiful daughter. She is just amazing. I Love all of the pictures. Tell David I said Happy Belated Birthday.

    Love, Aunt Debbie