Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Proving Herself

Let's face it. Zoya will always have to work a little harder to prove her worth to others simply because of the stigmas that are attached to Down Syndrome.  It will take a little longer for some people to see the gift that she is.  Some people will miss out completely on her gifts because they already have incorrect preconceived notions about her. It's a truth that she will face every day of her life.

 Through the adoption process and when we returned home with Zoya, we constantly heard, "Wow you are amazing people for doing this," which really bugged me. I just cringed every time I heard it. It took me a while to figure out why it bothered me so much. Part of the reason was that when people said this, it implied that being Zoya's mom was a task...a chore. I understand that people think we sacrificed a lot to adopt Zoya, and in a sense we did, but all the things we sacrificed were replaced by a far more beautiful and worthy "thing" better known as Zoya and all the lessons she has taught us. 

But lately...people have started seeing what we see. You know how I know? Because now I hear "You guys are so blessed to be her parents" more often than I hear, "She is so lucky to have you as her parents."  And when I hear that I just smile real big because I know they're seeing exactly what we see!


  1. And we are all so lucky to be part of the family and friends of dear Zoya and you and Shawn! You are all teaching us a lot! Lucky to be your neighbor, Liz

  2. Being a parent is one of the best treasures in the world. It is not always easy but worth it in the end.

    The biggest "task" will come when she hits those teenagers years. Your task will only be to remain calm, LOL, learning to teach her to drive, her asking to go to all the fun parties, wanting to stay out later than she should. You know all the joys of being a parent at that stage brings.

    Just look at that smile, that is a smile that makes you want to get out of bed in the morning and smooch all over her.

    Can't you just hear us all chanting "GO ZOYA GO"?

    Well, we are!

  3. You ARE truly blessed!!!!!
    What a wonderful little girl your daughter is!!!

  4. Very very true! I definitely feel I can relate to this. We are always saying what a blessing Mina is to us! and how blessed we are that the Lord put her on our hearts and pushed us to become her parents and how blessed we are for following.