Monday, October 11, 2010

I Seem To Be Missing My.....

Mind? No...that's a completely separate post! Haha!

I seem to be missing my socks, and shoes, and many other little items lately! I've never had as many single mismatched socks as I have since a cute little chick moved into our house!  Not to mention the random teeny tiny pink sock that's NOT mine that shows up in my purse! Whose to blame? None other than sticky fingers Zoya! She ALWAYS has to have items in her hands. Her favorite are socks or shoes or Daddy's ties or other clothing items. I put something one place and the next thing I know it's missing because she has taken it and traveled all around the house and left it (sometimes HID it) somewhere! She finds any teeny tiny opening....such as the little handle openings on my wicker basket....and hides things in there! It is becoming quite funny to find the little surprises that she leaves places! Today I went to work and I was looking for my keys in my purse and I pulled out one of her socks.  Once I found her drumstick in a kitchen drawer!  She is always putting things inside other's her FAVORITE thing to do! We've lost quite a few items this way! But every time I find one I just laugh! This little thief even has a special cart to throw her stolen belongings into.  She just walks by looking ever so innocent and then when nobody is looking, she grabs something and throws it in the cart!!

 As you can see here, she has my shoes, Daddy's shirt, and of course the baby doll!

She is even really good at hiding so she doesn't get caught! Has anyone seen Zoya?

How about now? Does this shot help?

And a break to kiss and love on her baby....

And this is the innocent look I get when I say, "Zoya have you seen my shoes?"

I'll take a thousand missing socks and finding drumsticks in my kitchen drawer and running around looking for the other shoe for ten minutes if it means I can keep her forever :)


  1. Too funny. We spent a good time the other day trying to find my keys from our sticky fingers thief in the house.

    I love the hiding picture.

    Oh mommy look at that cute innocent face, could she possibly do anything wrong? LOL

  2. great story! You had better watch her at Toys R Us!!

  3. Yep, it is all so worth it!!!!

  4. You could be describing my daughter... right down to the shopping cart that holds the stolen goods! It must be a girl thing- my son never did this! She is too funny!

  5. After seeing the look on her face, I believe you made up all that, Sarah. I can tell she didn't touch any of it. OR, perhaps you can get some of that tracing powder they put of bank robbery money. Then you can find your own shoes, thank you. :-)

    Sue M.