Sunday, October 24, 2010

Fall Fun!

My favorite thing about living in the northeast is the fall is breathtaking! Today was THE perfect fall day! 72 degrees, sunny and a light breeze....just beautiful! The oranges and reds of the leaves are a welcome splash of color and lift my spirits when I see the sun shining brightly on them. Now for some pictures of the girl who makes all my days colorful....

In our backyard. Look at these beautiful eyes!

She is so amazed when the wind blows through her hair...

Mya and Zoya....sisters for life!

Zoya was laughing because I kept telling Mya to sit and she just kept crawling on her belly over to me. I guess she didn't want her picture taken with Zoya!

Today was the perfect day to go to the pumpkin patch. They have this really cool corn pit. Awesome sensory therapy....Zoya loved it and didn't even try to eat any for the first 15 minutes anyways! 

It took her a while to figure out what to do, but she ended up loving it!

She thought it was funny to lay down and pretend to sleep.

Fistfuls of corn

It was all fun and games and I was taking pictures from across the corn pit box when I realized Shawn (who was supposed to be playing with Zoya) was not paying any attention to her. I yelled to him because Zoya was crawling over to another kid and she likes to touch everyone (not always gently either)....and then he motioned for me to come over.  He held up his left hand and pointed to his ring finger....can you guess what happened???!!!
 Yep, you guessed it! His ring had fallen off into the HUGE box of corn kernels!!!!!!!!! I told him he better find a new place to sleep for the night. We were searching and searching and it seemed pretty hopeless.  I mean seriously, there were BILLIONS of corn kernels in that pit! The father of this little boy that Zoya was playing with came to help us look. He and his other kids started digging holes and just going through small sections. Remember there were about 30 kids in this pit with us so the chances of finding it were slim to none! BUT OUR NEW FRIEND FOUND HIS RING! Thank God! I gave him the biggest hug ever!  I mean it's only a ring, but I would have been pretty sad if he lost it forever.  Lucky for Shawn he gets to sleep inside tonight. :)

Zoya really liked the slides! We started with a small one and moved to a bigger one and finally went on the biggest slide there and she thought it was great! She would have gone by herself but I was too nervous!

She singed "more" when she got to the bottom. 

My big girl in the pumpkin patch...

Laughing at Daddy...

This is the face Zoya made when her hands first felt the hay.  It is her "this is a new and different thing and I'm not sure what I think about it" face.  She also makes this face when she touches something hot or cold, but the face is ALWAYS followed by a big smile! See. 

LOVE this family picture :)

It was a gorgeous day and a nice way to end the weekend! My little girl looks so big in these pictures. It is such a joy to watch her experience the world for the first time!


  1. Zoya is so beautiful--those eyes, oh my! She really has gone from being a tiny baby to being such a big girl in no time!

  2. Beautiful pics! It is a fun place, isn't it? I saw that sign when I was there...lucky Shawn! Thanks for sharing the fall fun. Liz

  3. Dear Sarah,
    Looking at Zoya's pictures always makes my day ! You are all such a happy and blessed family !!!
    Zoya is growing so fast ! She is absolutely beautiful !
    And your blog continues to be my favorite !
    Hugs to Miss Zoya !
    Vanessa D. - Cincinnati

  4. That is the one thing I miss soooo much about the north...FALL! My favorite time of year. The family picture.....ABSOLUTELY PERFECT!!! We are hoping to be home Friday and boy we can't wait. Talk with you soon! Kim Baumann

  5. I can't even believe a ring could be found in that box!!!! I am so shocked!!!!! Shawn is sooooo LUCKY!!!!! I LOVE the family picture too!!!

  6. You captured the day beautifully.

    Thank goodness that you guys found his ring, would hate to think of Shawn having to sleep outside. LOL

    Love super love the pic of Ms. Zoya looking up with the wind blowing in her face. Awesome shot.

    The family photo is so cute. You all look so happy.


  7. Seriously, Zoya is just TOO cute! What a fun day :)

    And I could not stop laughing about Shawns ring....even it is absolutely not funny...but seeing the sign about "corn loves jewelery" and then reading what happened, oh my!!!!
    So glad for You, for the MIRACLE your new friend found it!!! And I am glad for Shawn he lives still with you:):)!!
    Love, Christina

  9. So beautiful! I love all the pics my fav being the very last one. I did not know that about the corn thanks for telling me now I will know to take off my rings at the pumpkin patch near our house. So happy he found it.

    BE blessed

  10. Zoya just gets cuter and cuter with every post!!!
    Sunnie in NC