Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Go Steelers!

 There is no choice in this one...Zoya is a Steelers Fan! I think the Basile side of the family would disown us if we didn't bring her up to love the Steelers as much as they do! Here she is with Grandpa B! As you can see she shares his excitement for the Steelers!

Here she is yelling at the team to get their act together! I guess it's never too early to start being a Steelers fan!


  1. Being the steelers fan is the only way to go!!! GOOOO STEELERS!!! P.S Zoya looks absolutely adorable in the jersey! Where did you find baby jerseys?

  2. Woohoo! another Steelers Fan! Zoya you look awesome in your shirt!

    Ms. Iz sports a Steelers hat with a big pom pom on it on game day, well to tell you the truth she loves that hat so much that she wears it around the house all the time. She puts it on and says "football" so she definitely knows what its for.

    The loss this past week was a bit painful but still so early in the season.

  3. I knew I liked yall. LOL GO STEELERS!!

    Be blessed!

  4. Did she also cry at the end like all of the rest of us fans? haha

  5. How cute! I just think that is soooo adorable! And yay! Go steelers!!!!! Ya! Haha