Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Christmas Eve Fun

Zoya got this little kitchen set from her Aunt Jen. We found her licking the wire wisk...I think she must have thought it was a beater! hehe

Pretending to eat some yummy food...

Snuggling her Uncle Bub

Waiting for Daddy to get home from work....

So excited!

Mya can't wait either :)

Zoya is signing "cold" and Mya is jumping up in excitment because Daddy is on the other side of the door!

There he is!

Grandpa P. sent a special package...

That was a fun mess to clean up! Grandpa sent a recorded book "The Night Before Christmas"...so special!

We were having a baked potato and salad bar for dinner. This will forever be remebered as the Christmas Eve we realized Zoya was terrified of BAKED POTATOES! At first we had no idea why she was crying....because she always loves to eat. She wanted to get down and kept saying "all done." We finally realized it was the baked potato! I guess that is the first time she's ever seen one! By the end of the night she was no longer afraid and even took a bite of the potato skin!

So proud of herself for decorating Uncle Bub's head!

Listening to "The Night Before Christmas" with Grandpa's voice. When I was little my dad always read this story right before we went to bed on Christmas Eve. It was so cool to hear him reading it to Zoya!

Family Picture :) Mya and all!


  1. Oh so love it.

    Uncle Bub, you and Zoya look like you have just way too much fun together.

    Packing peanuts are almost a gift in themselves. :) Well not for the person cleaning but you know what I mean.

    That last picture might have to replace the other picture in your frame for first christmas together as Mya got into the act too. It is stinkin cute!

    Made me tear up a little to read that your dad read the story to you guys when you were little and now she gets to hear it for herself by him, so sweet!

    Kisses to Ms. Zoya!


  2. Waiting for Daddy....the excitement form Zoya and Mya is just PRICELESS!!
    Oh and the family pic with all
    FOUR of you:):)...just GREAT!!
    Wishing you a wonderful and a very HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!
    Be blessed, Christina