Sunday, December 19, 2010

More Zoya Fun Facts

1. Zoya can blow her nose (which apparently should give me quite the bragging rights according to all my friends of 2 and 3 year olds who don't know how to blow their noses), however, she blows it with OR without a tissue and any time she pleases, which during this past cold was not so fun!

2. Ripping up paper is one of Zoya's favorite games.

3. Zoya likes having either a wipe or a tissue in her hand all the time, which is fine until she starts to shred it.

4. She has started throwing everything out of her crib, even her favorite heart shaped pillow and her socks.

5. Zoya loves walking over to the cupboard where Mya's treats are stored and randomly asking for one to give her throughout the sweet.

6. Speaking of Mya, Zoya tries to get her in trouble by offering her her snack when I'm not looking and then I turn just in time to see Mya taking it. Zoya looks at me like "how dare that dog take my treat" but she doesn't know I've caught on!

7. Zoya is the "hat" and "glasses" police everywhere we go. She is on a mission to point out EVERY SINGLE PERSON that is either wearing a hat (signs hat) or glasses (touches her eyes)...she is accurate 100% of the time.

8. Zoya has started making up her own signs for people....which are oh so special and really make a lot of sense. For example, she snaps her fingers when I say her PTs name. This one took me a while to figure out...but then I realized her and her PT usually dance when she is here so that makes sense. She waves her hand back and forth across her body for her babysitter because her babysitter always says, "HI FRIEND" and does a great big wave. She makes raspberries for her buddy X because he always makes this noise she really likes when he sees her. I love it because now I know who she is talking about!!

9. Zipping and unzipping is so fun and so is taking off her coat all by herself!

10. Zoya still LOVES Elmo best but now she also likes Big Bird which she calls baba and signs "bird," and she really loves Snuffleupagus. There is a new Sesame Street DVD that may be taking over the #1 spot. It has Snuffy and a giant meatball that just keeps on rolling and almost squashes Elmo. She gets so serious, still, and quiet every time Elmo is about to get flattened (no worries, he doesn't get hurt!).
And now here are some adorable pictures of Zoya and her gluten free brownie adventure!


  1. What a treasure you have in that sweet girl of yours. We had that Snuffy DVD, my sons watched it OVER AND OVER AND OVER, you get the idea. I love her new signs, she is such a smart, sweet, precious little jellybean. I bet you just eat her up!

    Love wins,
    Renee Tam

  2. Oh Ms. Zoya you're so funny.

    We (Izzy and I) looked at your pictures and read all about what is going on with you. So sorry to hear that you haven't been feeling very good lately.

    We *love* your kitchen helper step stool. I like the fact that it can fold up, the other ones I've seen are so big and can't. Does Mya try to get up in there with you too?

    Izzy thought the funniest photo was of you laughing with the chocolate all over your face we had to keep going back to it as she kept telling me MORE ZOYA.

    Hope you are all over your cold now.

    Hugs and Kisses!

  3. Sarah where did you get the stand for in the kitchen? Gavin wants to help me with every job but step stools are still so dangerous. Thanks for your help!

    Lauren Tharan

  4. Cute post, Sarah! I'm laughing right now about the nose blowing, Ben can blow his nose too! I'm amazed every time, because my older children never could at this age. Ben also does it when ever he feels the need, tissue, or not. He is finally getting over back to back colds.

    Zoya is just too cute, she's looking like such a big girl these days.

    Have a very Merry Christmas.

  5. Thank you for blogging! I'm learning so much from you. About the special treats of Downs, therapies and feeding. I have followed you since the start, and eventhough I live in Norway, I feel I now you and little Zoya. It seems she has won the lottery by coming to you.I have a bio son that has celiac disease, and it is pretty easy to handle. I must say, if you have to have an chronic disease, celiac is a good choice :-)Zoya is a wonderful little girl, she caught my eye on Reece's Rainbow when she first was listed there. Beautiful!

  6. I just LOVE her!!! Where did u get the stand???? I love it

  7. What a smart girl! :) Loved how she makes up the signs for cool is she? Wow...