Saturday, December 4, 2010

Holiday Cheer

This weekend was off to an amazing start when I got home from work Friday and saw a package from our wonderful friend Christina in Switzerland!! Christina and I "met" through my blog and have been email buddies since before we met Zoya! She prayed us through our adoption and even had a place in Germany set up for us to stay if we would have gotten stranded there due to the volcano. I still really don't like that word much. Anyways....her packages are the BEST! She makes these beautiful bibs that you see in a lot of Zoya's pictures...they are the best because they cover her entire front AND they are oh so beautiful and thoughtfully made. She also sends delicious chocolate that does not last long around here. Shawn wasn't even home five minutes before he broke into the chocolates!!

How could this package not make you just smile?

Zoya's favorite part of the gift was the Santa bib which she clearly thought was a hat. She would not give this bib back to me once she saw it (which is why it is not in the picture above!)

She even decided to watch Elmo with her "hat" on. She wore it for 10 joke!

She even made this adorable sailing bib customized with Zoya's name!

Today the holiday cheer continued when we had breakfast with Santa.

This is my new favorite "Zoya face!"

Pretty Princess in her Party Dress!

Excuse me Mom, I'm EEEEEAAAATING!

Dancing with Aunt Jen

Meeting THE REAL! Santa

Shawn warned Santa that Zoya likes beards and he took her hand and said PULL! She gave it a little tug and then kind of petted it!

Smiling at Santa

She was mesmerized by his beard!

She wasn't too sure what to think! The left hand never moved from this position!
We told her to hug Santa and she did, but she was not moving that left arm! She just laid her cheek on his.

Santa really loved her and when he handed her back he looked at us and said, "You guys are blessed." Well I guess Santa knew what I wanted for Christmas.....for others to see what a blessing Zoya is!

Zoya with her handsome Daddy

Breakfast was at a beatufiul bed and breakfast!

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas....(but thank goodness we dodged the Buffalo storm of 18 inches in a few hours this week!)

Taking a snuggle break with Daddy

Zoya and friends...

break for hugs!

What a great start to our Christmas fun!


  1. Oh the package is so nice. I don't blame you guys for diving into that chocolate at all.

    How funny is that "hat" bib. Silly girl!

    Oh, sweet and made me a little teary today. What a great Santa and the pics made me misty. She is so loved but you guys are very blessed the utmost love just oozes from this girl in return.

    Thanks for the Zoya fix today! :)


  2. I love the Christmas pictures. They are absolutely beautiful. I love her smile and seeing so much love. She is such a happy little girl with a beautiful smile that I am sure lights up the room. Zoya is truly an angel from God. What a beautiful blessing - it just goes to show what love can do. So happy for all of you.

  3. What an awesome package!!! I LOVE reading about precious Miss Zoya! She is such a beauty!

  4. Ah,yes, the Zoya fix...what a wonderful Santa and special day. And it is just the beginning of the Christmas fun! She looks so grown up in her Christmas dress!

  5. She is so beautiful Sarah! I love the picture of all 3 of you outside with the snow on the ground. Bryce isn't too fond of Santa this year. However, we were looking at your blog the other day and Bryce was sitting next to me, kept putting his finger on Zoya's picture and then turn and SMILE REAL Big! I said, yes she is going to be your girlfriend one day, LOL!
    Such a special Christmas for our families!!
    Look forward to us meeting someday soon! :-)
    Kim,Tom and Bryce

  6. Can I just say in every picture on this post and most of your blog, Zoya just LIGHTS up a room. What a wonderful, sweet, precious little ladybug! I just think the world of you guys. And Zoya is the bomb in that Santa hat/bib. Go Zoya!

    Love wins,
    Renee Tam

  7. Love the fashion statement Zoya is making with the bib, it may never be used as a bib again! Girl is stylin'in the beautiful Christmas dress, too. Sometimes I wonder if she ever remembers what her life was like last Christmas. I sure hope all the love she gets and gives has erased those months off her memory bank. I don't think I ever saw a kid smile as much as she does.

    Happy Holidays....Sue M.

  8. the bib-hat looks just perfect, Zoya-Girl! You surely inspire me to try new fabric-creations...