Saturday, December 25, 2010

Zoya's First Christmas!

Zoya's first Christmas was full of smiles!!  What an awesome day!!  Check out this video of Zoya seeing the presents and tree for the first time!!! It takes her a minute, but she gets pretty excited!! She is a little distracted by my brother's elf hat he is wearing!
That reaction was priceless!!! She was wide-eyed for a while, but then it was nothing but smiles and giggles!! She loved opening presents but got tired after the first hundred or so (kidding, but seriously this girl might have gotten a lot of stuff!)

This is her reaction when she saw her playhouse...which she absolutely LOVES! After she sees it for a minute, she gets excited and says, "Zoya!" like, "it's for me!" So cute!

Let the opening begin!

Action shot of her piggy tails flying with excitement!

Zoya and Uncle Bub

Zoya in her new playhouse...I think she loves it!

Huggin her baby

She loves her vaccuum!

This girl seriously woulda been happy if we just bought her a box of bows!


Goofy girl...

I love bows!!

Getting sleepy....almost nap time

Silly face...

And then Grandpa decided to give her a sucker....oh my!

And then it was time for bed!!!!

I stopped many times today to reflect upon Zoya's first Christmas. We talked about how last Christmas she was alone and without a family to call her own. It brings tears to my eyes even thinking about it. While we were eating brunch we were talking about how amazing it was to have Zoya home and celebrate Christmas with her.  Lately she has started signing "Praise the Lord" by throwing her hand up into the air with all her might....its pretty funny. Anyways, while we were talking at brunch about how blessed we were to have her home with us she threw her hand up in the air and did her Praise the Lord sign! So so so true. Without Him, this miracle would have never happened. He orchestrated the journey. He knew she had a place as our daughter the day she was born and left alone in that hospital in Ukraine. He knew all along that we needed each other and He moved mountains to make it happen. So this Christmas we celebrate our baby coming home from a far away land and give thanks to God for all He has done for us. We are so blessed.

Merry Christmas!!


  1. Are you kidding with this girls smile????? Oh my!!! Too much - Love it the MOST!!! Her piggies are adorable and she is just so precious!!!

  2. So happy for you and Zoya! What a wonderful day. Praise the Lord indeed!

  3. Love love love the pictures.

    We're in the midst of a snowstorm here possibly 8 to 12 inches which is HUGE for this area. Everything is already closed.

    Too funny, Ms. Iz got a bike too. These two would be so hysterical together. I love the playhouse and the reaction that it brought when she saw it. We got that reaction with a huge Mr. Potato Head that was stuffed with bit and pieces of arms/legs, etc. too.

    Merry Christmas Sweet Zoya. I'm glad to see that you had a great day enjoying family and the love of Jesus.

    Since everyone is sick here we didn't do any baking or make a birthday cake for baby Jesus but we did get to set up the manger while giving a learning lesson about it.

  4. Beautiful! Just beautiful....ALL of it! MOSTLY Zoya's says it all!

  5. Thanks for sharing the pics and videos. Love Miss Zoya's "Cindy Lou Who" hairstyle! Great!!!

    Sue M.

  6. What a wonderful Christmas! Thanks for sharing. I especially the pics with the big smile covered with red candy! Love you all, Liz

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