Thursday, December 16, 2010

Izzy's Package :)

Zoya has a bloggy friend and her name is Izzy! Izzy loves watching Zoya's videos and seeing her pictures with her Grandma, Teri. Zoya has recently been able to convince Izzy to use a toothbrush by watching a video of Zoya with her electric toothbrush...hehe! Next up we are going to video tape Zoya eating her vegetables in hopes Izzy will eat hers..too funny! Anyways, Izzy got a package from someone and after she opened it she kept showing her Grandma the box and saying "Zoya." Her grandma finally figured out Izzy wanted to send a package to Zoya so they sent a sweet little Christmas package! I'm so excited Zoya has a pen pal now!! Well can I just say, watching Zoya open this package has me REALLY excited for Christmas! She finally "get it" oh yah there is something INSIDE this cool paper, and although the paper is still really cool to her, she actually loved seeing what was inside and moving quickly onto the next wrapped present to do it all over again!

Here is Zoya checking out the package!

This is what she thought when I told her the package was for HER!

Curiously exploring the contents

So excited!

What's inside here? She loved the play-doh inside and kept saying "aaaahhhhbaaahhh" (open)

Izzy...she is KISSING your picture here!! hehe!

More? I love this package!!


"Are you serious? ELMO? I LOVE ELMO. HOW DID YOU KNOW?"

Zoya is showing Mya her mini magnadoodle

Opening her cute tutu outfit :)

Thank you Izzy...I love this package! I'm having so much fun!

Stopping to check out the details :)

Looking at a beautiful ornament frame with our family picture :)

Repacking and opening this bag again!

She put Elmo in the bag, then put tissue paper over him, then took tissue paper out, then pulled Elmo book out and was just as happy and excited opening him for the second time...she cracks me up!

Wearing her beautiful tutu practicing her ballet moves!

A message for Izzy from Zoya:
Hi's me Zoya. You are the greatest friend ever. I hope you liked looking at all the pictures of me opening your package.  I loved your package so much that I just wanted to keep pretending to open it all over again! I especially love my Elmo book. You are such a kind friend to think about me and send me this really cool package! Thanks for sending me that picture of you with Santa...did you know that I KNOW Santa too? Isn't he such a cool guy? Well thanks again for the package. Love, Zoya
P.S. You should really eat your vegetables because when you eat vegetables it makes Santa happy (at least that's what my mom tells me).


  1. Zoya,

    I am so happy that you liked your package.

    I loved the pictures, thank you for posting them.

    I love Elmo too!

    Thanks for being my friend. I really like watching your videos.

    Love, Izzy

    PS: I will try to work on my vegetables.

  2. Thanks for sharing this. Amazing pictures of an amazing little girl.

    Happy Holidays!

    The Moczulski Family

  3. Oh she is such a little princess! Can't believe how much she's changed since you got her...and that pic where she got the Elmo out just cracked me up. Perfect!

  4. I just watched your video above. Your daughter is just precious. I loved seeing you all leave through the gates of the orphanage. As I was watching that part i had tears streaming down my face and didn't even realize it for a while.

    Thanks for sharing.