Friday, February 18, 2011

Mall Dancing and The Naked Cowboy

One of Zoya's all-time favorite things to do is go to the mall and find the stores with the loudest music and dance like a nut. Her two favorite stores are Abercr*mbie and H*llister. I don't shop there but I think she likes them because they have the loudest music out of all the stores! She can spot these stores from a mile away and yells and waves her arms like crazy! So here is my shining star making all the retired mall walkers laugh this morning!   

And just wondering if anyone else sees the resemblence here?
(Yes I actually met him but am embarassed to show can't find the picture of him and I!)

I think my naked cowgirl is way cuter!! Now she just needs a guitar!


  1. Love watching little TwinkleFeet!

  2. Man I wish she was around when I worked at Hollister in high school!

    How cute is she!

  3. Oh there should have been a "too cute" warning and I don't mean about the cowboy. That picture is so cute, yes she needs a guitar. :)

    Loving those light up shoes, can't miss her in the mall. What a great walker now. I bet she was a hit at the mall with the retired folks.


  4. Hello, I am working on a montage of children who are adopted from RR, I was curious as to if I could use a picture of your sweet Zoya?
    Email me at