Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Video Cuteness

Zoya has been quite the big little girl lately! She has almost perfected the finger shake that goes along with "no, no no!" I don't shake my finger at her, but Zoya thinks it is funny when Mya is being bad and we tell her no and shake our finger at her! So, in true Zoya fashion, she took the "no no no" up a notch and had the following conversation with me on Sunday:

Me: "Zoya, finish eating your lunch, then we are going to take a sleep"
Zoya: "No, No, No" (shaking finger at me), then signs 'play'
Me: "Ummmm I don't think so. You need to take a sleep."
Zoya: (long pause) looks right at me and says, "No."
(In case you're wondering she DID take a nap! Mom wins!)

In the video with Mya, you can see Zoya telling her "no." We were telling her to say it so we could catch that cute little finger!! But Zoya will often shake her finger at Mya and tell her no no no just like this! She is the boss of Mya, or so she thinks! The other video is Zoya's favorite game to play with Daddy...flying full speed into Mya! You can see her shaking her body when Shawn stops as if to say...."let's go daddy!" Her laugh is so contagious! This video is for Zoya's friend Izzy :) Hi Izzy!

This last video is Zoya "reading" her book I made for her. It has people Zoya knows and loves and sees often. Each page has a picture of a person (most pages are a picture of someone WITH Zoya in the picture) and at the bottom it says, "I See (name)." When we first got the book (from Shutterfly) we just worked on identifying people and looking at the cute pictures. She loves this book and asks for it often. Recently we started working on saying three words together, "I SEE MAMA," "I SEE DADA," etc. Tonight was was saying all three words together with no verbal cues from me! I still gave her lots of physical cues like opening my mouth to reminder to start with "I" and point to each word as a cue to say the next word. Obviously she isn't really reading or really even paying a whole lot of attention to the words (she does look at them at times though) but she did a super job saying three words together!  This is the very beginning stage or reading, turning pages and watching someone point to the words and vocalizing.  So although reading is way far off for Zoya I think it's pretty darn cute to watch her "read."  Even though it might be hard for people who don't know her to understand her, we know exactly what she is saying! You can hear "aaaahhhhhh ssssssssssseee and then the name.  In this video, she does a really super job with Uncle Bub's picture especially. It is really hard work for her and you can see where she gets flustered a couple times. It's almost like her brain has all the information and trying to organize it and get it from there to her lips is such hard work for her! I'm so proud of my little girl for trying so hard! Right after this video she got down and a minute later brought the book right back to me and wanted to "read" again.


  1. WE LOVE IT!!!!!!

    Good girl Zoya on the reading!

    Fly Zoya Fly!!!! Your giggle is so contagious it is SO hard to watch and not be giggling right along with you.

    Looks like quite the workout for Shawn....

    Izzy says THANK YOU!

  2. Oh, I could understand Zoya reading! Good job, zoya!
    I wonder what she would think of the 'your baby can read' flash cards and videos?
    You guys look like a lot of fun! Her giggle is so cute!!

    Your ZOYA-ANGEL can LIGHT UP the world with her sweet giggle and her precious smile!!!
    Oh and how she already reads in the book...ADORABLE!!!
    Thankyou for sharing!! We always ENJOY!
    Love, Christina