Monday, February 7, 2011

Cookies and Milk and The Faces of Zoya!

Zoya learned how to dunk cookies in milk tonight after dinner!! She loves these gluten free cookies with her almond milk! And she thought dunking cookies was the most fun thing ever!

"Mom you've been holding out on me, this is FUUUUN!"

This was not a typical Zoya smile and it cracked us right up! It's the cheesiest grin I've ever seen, almost like a fake smile but it was 100% genuine ha!

She is getting to be a cup pro!

This is the look I get when I'm saying something Zoya doesn't want to hear...she literally throws her head back and keeps it there til I stop talking! Wonder where she learned that....seriously!

I don't even know what this one is all about...pretending to be mad at me....but then...look below....

this look came two seconds later so I knew she was faking!

Strike a pose!

"Mom I told you I'm done going potty don't ask me to go more again! I've had it!"

And...two seconds later......FAKER! So dramatic!

The drama show continues....

Zoya's new favorite big girl thing to do is get to drink out of a cup standing up! She is a cup drinking pro...but as Shawn says she is NOT a walking cup drinking pro! She does pretty good if she stays in one spot:)

"Please sir, may I have some more?"

When did she become such a big girl??

Lovin my Zoya girl....we are truly blessed to share our lives with this angel! She is so full of life and love:)

P.S. still working on those pics of her sassy attitude and dirty looks....Shawn about peed his pants laughing tonight when he saw the dirty looks for the first time tonight....I had to turn my head so she wouldn't see me laughing....stinker!


  1. Oh my gosh! She gets more beautiful everyday. How is that possible? You are so blessed!!!

    Be blessed

  2. Non stop cuteness. Zoya is doing great, so many wonderful things for this girl to enjoy, thank you for sharing her with us. She's a love.

    Love finds a way,

  3. Shared these with Izzy last night before she went off to bed. She was cracking up with all the smiles that she was seeing.

    We are all very impressed with the big girl cup skills.

    Dirty looks! LOL Oh the fun you're going to have yet in years to come! :)

  4. Her faces are so hilarious! What an adorable little drama queen :-)

  5. Love, love , love all her "looks"!!! Quite the character, that Zoya. Anyone who can get excited over gluten free cookies dipped in almond milk is my kind of girl. I pray that all your concerns for her future will go right out the window when the educators, school and church, see how special she is, and capable and willing to learn.

    Sue M.