Friday, September 2, 2011

2nd Day of School Pictures!!

As promised.....from the mama whose brain has completely turned to mush during this stage of the adoption process.....
This pictures shows all of my favorite things about my beautiful Zoya...smiling so big her eyes turn into crescent moons, her unique ears bending at the tops, and a genuine toothy grin! Love her!

Her backpack is so big on her (even though it's tiny) that she almost falls over!

Keeping her eyes open for this one!

Ready for her SECOND day of preschool....!


  1. Love it! Big girl that she is, what a great job Mom!

  2. Precious!!!!


  3. Very cute! I never would have known they were from the second day if you hadn't told us! :-)

  4. Thank you for sharing such precious pics/memories in the making with us, your readers! Even in the short time I've read your blog, when I look at sweet Zoya I can't help but think (as you did in a recent post) about what a tragedy it would have been had you not found her! This precious angel absolutely SHINES and sparkles! I thank God that He gave her to such a wonderful family that recognizes what a true gift she is! Happy Second Day of School, sweet Zoya! Oh the places you will go! (To quote Dr Seuss. LOL)

  5. I just watched Zoya's adoption video and words can not describe the happiness that fills my heart. Through Jesus, our savior, your family provided an amazing miracle for little Zoya and provided her a future filled with love. The love in your eyes and hers was easily felt through those beautiful pictures. God bless your sweet little angel :)

  6. Such a beautiful smile and such a happy little girl. Have fun in school Zoya. Love the pictures.

    Love, Aunt Debbie