Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Oh How I Love Her!

This is a random blog post about Zoya-girl! Here is a video I took this morning when I got her up for school! Told ya I wasn't lying about how much she loves her Uncle Bub! LOL. And she did get to wear her blue shirt right until Daddy got her fish oil all over it (he says it wasn't his fault) we had to do a last minute switch to pink! Oh well. And all the things on her floor? She threw those out of her crib at some point during the night! See the beauty I get to wake up to every morning? So blessed!

This video is Zoya using her iPad to watch videos of herself.  I was so happy that I found out how to put these videos on the ipad because Zoya seriously LOVES watching them and I can use it as a reward for her! She will do ANYTHING if she can watch her videos as a reward!  I'm also excited because we are making lots of videos of the three of us and videos of us talking to her and she will be able to watch those when we are gone for Laina's adoption! Check out how good she is at navigating the iPad! It amazes me.

And here are some random cell phone pics that I just love!
Grandma and Grandpa P. came for a visit and this is one of the only pictures I got!! Boo! But it's a cute one!

This was Zoya's first outing in big girl underwear (picture is from a couple months ago and Zoya is potty trained for the most part yay!!)

Beautiful girl ready to head to Buffalo as our good luck charm for our fingerprints!

Loves her Sesame Street t-shirt!...Ready for school :)

Feeding baby.....she loves doing this :)

"Leave me alone and let me eat my pickle in peace!!!"

She takes after her Aunt Jennifer with her love of pickles!

Zoya playing with her light box!

"This is AMAZING mom!"

Smoochin' her friend "Nee Nee" as she calls him!

Watching the trains at the zoo

Beautiful Ballerina!

How could you ever be sad looking at this beaming ray of sunshine?

More dancing...

"Hi Mom!"

Lovin' her baby!

Can't go anywhere without her purse and her baby!

Tweety Bird Shirt from Grandma and Grandpa P.

Biggest goose egg yet! I'm gonna start calling her "CRASH"

Eating DQ....even better she is sitting all by herself somewhere other than home! Yay!!

Pippy Longstockings :)

Head over heels in love with my Zoya-girl!


  1. Great photos. I love the iPad video, she's a techno wizard look at her go.

  2. Too much cuteness in one post!!! I love how she changes her mind about outfit color choices!

  3. That precious child could teach ME how to use an Ipad! LUV that first video of her waking in the morning. Like you said, how could you NOT love waking up to such an angel girl! I love how they just look so adorably snuggly when they first wake up or just before sleep. Zoya is just darling!

  4. I seriously don't think she could be ANY cuter!!! HEY, where did you get those bar covers in her crib?! LOVE them!