Saturday, September 24, 2011


Zoya has perfected the word "sorry." LOL! This "sorry" was right after she was playing with the folding door and I asked her to stop so she wouldn't pinch her fingers. Once again she started playing with it and I said, "Zoya do NOT touch!" And she ever so gently, while staring me down, reached out and touched the door with one finger and looked at me like "what-do-ya-have-to-say-to-that-mom?" So this is her "after time-out" apology. She says it and signs it (sign looks more like "please" but its her "sorry").  It's funny she has started saying it on her own, like she does something she knows is wrong she'll say "sorry" real fast. She is somethin' else this girl!!


  1. Oh my this girl cracks me up......

    I can't wait to share this with Iz. I know that she learns so much from Zoya's videos.

    Love ya Zoya!


  2. You left out the best part...did you get a smooch? That Zoya is adorable!

    Sue M.

  3. She's awesome. Christopher loves her numbers!

  4. She's got such a cute personality--along with being absolutely adorable! Also, meant to say a while back that I just love the way you dress her and do her hair--very cute!