Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Some Videos of Miss Zoya

A cute little girl named Izzy is missing her friend Zoya and has requested some here ya go sweet girl (and the rest of you LOL).

This is a little video of Zoya helping to take the dog for a walk. She looks like such a big kid to me here and the way she sways her body she looks so confident and like she just knows how cool she is HA! It's great!
You can also hear her "no" to my kisses request, which I hear a hundred times a day for any old request I might have...but she always give in in the end! She's also the kid who is doing what you asked all the while saying "no." That's my girl :)

In this video you can hear  Zoya tell how old she is and hold up her fingers :) She also keeps asking for movies on my phone, which means videos of herself...she doesn't quite understand when I hold the phone up to take a video that she can't watch it until we make the video LOL. You can see her sign her version of "computer" which means she wants the iPad (her videos are on there too). She keeps trying to look behind her because she knows the iPad is in the living room and wants it!

There ya go Miss Izzy....a special post just for you! Zoya says HI!

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  1. Thank you Ms. Sarah. I woke up this morning and Nana let me watch them first thing. Zoya says three really good, just like me. I like to look at vihues (videos) too. I like the way you walk Mya. I tell Nana no too on kisses sometimes because I think it is funny.


    Sarah & Zoya,

    Iz woke up and wanted to watch the videos right away. Yes we don't say the word very well here but working on it. Took me a minute to figure out what her version of videos was. LOL

    What a great job on walking Mya, you're getting to be such a big girl. What a great helper you are.

    We just love watching your videos, thanks to Mommy.