Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Crawling Out from this Dark Hole!

Well Zoya has been out of school for a week and sick for 7 LONNNNNNG days. This is by far the worst virus turned bacterial infection to ever visit her little body....poor girl. She's had every symptom you could imagine from vomiting to intestinal "issues" to sneezing and wheezing and coughing and hacking and swollen eyes, red throat, runny nose, stuffy nose, rattly chest, barky cough and more :( She's been pretty miserable. She's getting cabin fever for sure! I thought on Monday we took a turn for the better as she seemed to be making some progress, her fever from Saturday/Sunday finally broke and she seemed to have a little more energy...still not great by any means, but some improvement. So I thought for sure Tuesday would be better.

She woke up Tuesday very early with an awful cough and was just downright miserable. She was so phlemy (is that how you spell that??? LOL) and kept choking on it and was afraid to cough.  She had an apt. to get her new Sure Steps (SMOs) so we did that quick then drove around and let her sleep until it was time for her ENT appointment (routine checkup for tubes).  I knew this appointment was coming up so I was happy she'd be able to see the ENT and see what he thought. By this point I knew her virus had gotten stuck in her tiny anatomy (characteristic of Down Syndrome) and had turned bacterial (I partly knew bc she was only getting worse, not better, but she also had the WORST BREATH EVER). He agreed that she needed an antibiotic as it looked like she had a sinus infection and throat infection (remember we were just at the pediatrician Friday and she looked perfectly healthy in her ears/nose/throat). Oh and guess who was a champ with very little anxiety at her ENT appointment? She was even hamming it up and used her Darth Vadar voice to say hi to the doctor. She was intrigued by his blue gloves and even avoided the much hated "throat stick gag" by opening wide enough several times for the doctor to see her throat LOL. So proud of my girl.

I'm happy to say she woke up this morning seeming a bit more like herself after 2 doses of the antibiotic. She has an awful hacking cough but at least she is getting the phlem up and not choking on it like she had been. She's watching baby signing times, which has been her only wish through this sickness (funny because we haven't watched that in a very long time, but I guess she remembers it comforts her and makes her happy, so I'm more than happy to oblige). Hoping she can get back to school Friday and she won't have lost too much of the progress she's made as far as the school routine. 

Oh, and guess who woke up sick today? Yep that would be this Mama :( UGH!!! I thought my body was fighting it off, but I guess between the lack of sleep and peanut butter and jelly sandwiches paired with tortilla chips and salsa for dinner weren't enough to keep me healthy...who would have known?


  1. Oh no, you need to rest too. It is no good when Mommy gets sick!

    Glad to hear the antibiotics are working for Zoya and she's on the mend, sorta.....

    Maybe some good chicken soup for you is in order.

    Feel better you two!

  2. Oh, poor Zoya! Sorry you guys are sick. That choking on the phlegm thing scares the crap out of me. Glad that's behind her now.

  3. I pray sweet Zoya feels better soon--and that her sweet Mama does too! ;)