Thursday, January 26, 2012

Doctors Doctors Doctors!

We're up to our ears in what seems like never ending doctor's appointments! December and January were a wash, I can't even count how many appointments plus the hospital stays....and February is slammed with appointments too. The problem is all of Zoya's annual appointments are coming back around right at the same time we're completing all of Mila's initial specialist appointments and all her follow up appointments! I spent a while on the phone this morning trying to get dates set up and my calendar organized! I called to set up:

*Reschedule Mila's kidney ultrasound she missed (yep they said we still have to do it) for Monday morning.
*Call cardiologist to ask about changing Mila's med dose (it's hurting her belly)...confirm her apt. on February 8th and Zoya's annual apt. on February 21.
*Call and stay on hold for what seemed like an hour and finally leave a message to schedule Mila's hearing evaluation, keeping in mind I'd like to try to schedule it the same day as her airway surgery follow up appointment in Pittsburgh so we don't have to make two trips on February 14th.
*Call Ear/Nose/Throat 3 times until someone finally answers to schedule Zoya's tube check appointment (February 21...and oh crap I just realized I scheduled that for the same day as her cardiology apt....darn it all!) Note to self: call ENT again to reschedule that...grrr
*Confirm Mila's Early Intervention Assessment appointment for January 31
*Write into calendar Zoya's eye appointment where she will likely be prescribed glasses-February 7
*Call Sleep Center to schedule sleep evaluation and possibly sleep study for Zoya (all kids with DS should have one done by the age of 4 and Princess girl is 4 months away from being 4 oh my)-March 29

And still left to do: Schedule Mila's shots, make an appointment for the feeding clinic in Pittsburgh for Mila, make apt. for bloodwork for Mila, and make an apt. for a massage for me! (that last one's optional....some day!)

These girls are worth it! A lot of times people say how hard it must be to have two children with special needs, and honestly there are so many things about them that are so much EASIER! But the doctor's appointments....the frequency and number of specialists is definitely a little more difficult...once we get all these initial appointments and surgery follow ups out of the way though, the appointments should definitely slow down a bit! I remember feeling a little nutty with doctor appointments when Zoya came home....but now I feel really nutty trying to keep track of two kids (go ahead you moms of many more than 2 and laugh at me!). I find myself giving the wrong name or birthdate because I get confused who I'm calling for after being on hold so long. I blame the brain of mush on the children....I've never been the same since..baaaaahaha!


  1. Make an appointment for a spa session for you, SuperMom. You deserve it. Great the 2 princesses are doing well ...

  2. If you think you have brain mush now, just wait until the morning after your sleep study. George had his two weeks ago, right around the same time as several other preschoolers you'd recognize from DS adoption blogs.... And we are all just starting to recover now :-). So here's my advice: put it off as long as you can, until you've recovered a bit from the extraordinary stress you've been under the past few months.... I think as the pediatric sleep center techs get more experience with our children (with the new recommendations) they will get better at making it a DS child-friendly experience, too.... So the longer you stall, the more practice they'll get with OTHER people's kids :-(