Monday, January 23, 2012

Zoya Ice Skates!

We have a super adaptive ice skating program here called Gliding Stars. We tried Zoya last year and she was super anxious and nervous between the helmet, skates, and walker, and then the whole ice skating thing. She did like being carried around the ice and skating fast in someone elses arms though :) Well tonight we went just to visit and Zoya was asking to skate, so she went out with Mike and took a few laps. Well I told her if she wanted to go back out she had to do it my surprise she said okay. I found her a walker and we adjusted it for her (without skates on) and she was laughing and excited so she was carried out to the ice in her walker and sneakers (baby steps). She LOVED it and didn't show any anxiety at all. If you would have seen her the last time we tried you'd be impressed with how excited she was and how little reservation she had!

We put some skates on her and she was a little hesitant but did about 2 laps (being pushed, but trying to move her feet). She a little nervous but her excitement took over and she loved hearing people cheer for her! I am so very proud of her....she has come such a long way! Her confidence is budding and it's so amazing to witness, especially when I think of the scared little girl we met almost 2 years ago!!! Way to go Zoya girl, we are so proud of you!! You rock!


  1. Woohoo way to go Super Star! Izzy and I are both very proud of you!

  2. Way to go Zoya!! My daughter has been figure skating for 7 years and I remember her first steps on the ice with a walker like it was yeasterday!! What size skate does she wear? I might have a pair of skates that would fit her. My Sammy out grew her first couple pairs of "real" skates within weeks! I would love to pass them on.

  3. Zoya you are much braver than I am! You go big girl!

  4. How fun! She's much more confident than I am about ice skating! Go Zoya!

  5. What a big brave young lady. You go girl!