Saturday, January 21, 2012

How's Zoya?

well....that changes from minute to minute.....

With all the chaos, Zoya has had a little bit of a tough time. She is having some anxiety again, which always seems to peek when her routine is drastically changed, as it was with this last hospital stay. She is over her carseat aversion, for the most pat....but now is terrified if we leave the room without her. It's been fun....and almost impossible to get Mila down for a nap with Chatty Cathy following my every move and screaming hysterically if I even step foot out of the living room. She's got her eye on us like a hawk, making sure to keep us in sight at ALL TIMES. She has been especially clingy to her Daddy...maybe because she's stuck home all day with me :) She's doing best when kept very busy! She's doing fabulous with Mila and Mila just loves looking at and smiling at her big sister! Zoya has been talking a lot more lately but gets her words all mixed up with that darn apraxia. She'll say "I want please swing" or "please I want play"...but at least she's saying please and we get her point and that's all that matters!  She tries SOOOOO hard to communicate with us and almost always gets her point across one way or another! We're so proud of her! She even ate lunch with her class in the big scary cafeteria for the first time and had no problems! She NEVER could have done that at the beginning of the school year, so accomplishments like that help keep her progress in perspective and it's a little easier not to get frustrated with minor setbacks like she's going through now. Her sleep has been a little off, but nothing terrible. She has been visiting with Grandma Liz next door and has asked me about 400 times since yesterday if she can visit "Lee" as she calls her. She even put her coat and boots on and said "Mama LEE house!"

See why she had so much fun...

And today Zoya got to spend some time playing in the snow with Daddy and Mya...I think Mya had more fun than anyone else (she's an Australian labradoodle for those of you who asked!)
Mya can jump!

Such a Daddy's girl lately!
Zoya seeking Daddy's comfort after she face-planted in the snow for the second time!

We'll just keep on pushing through for is settling down again and she is happier :)


  1. LOVE all of her facial expressions! I think she's acting like any other child with a new sibling that has had lots going on :) What a trooper she is!

  2. Yep, she's still cute. I thought as much, but I'm glad you confirmed it with some new pictures. ;)
    I am glad to hear everyone is starting to relax and you guys are finally having a chance to settle into some routines. I bet as a little more time goes by and there is no more major changes Zoya's insecurities will start to ease up.
    I'm jealous of the snow by the way, here in my neck of the woods it was almost 80 degrees yesterday!

  3. Love the snow pics!

    Well now I want to go to Grandma Liz's house too, that looks like FUN!!!!

    Mya cracks me up. No wonder Dan loved your dog he loves labradoodles and swears we're getting one next, uh no not any time soon. :)

    Ok I see that you don't have a camera shy child in the house either. When she starts yelling MODEL POSE like here you can really worry. Shutterbugs! LOL Funny faces, hysterical!

    Love it, great update!

  4. One of my favorite things--a Zoya "fix"lol!! TY for the update on your sweet angel girl. She is getting sooo big! And I have to say, you dress her (and Mila of course) adorably!
    I'm sure you guys kind of expected that she might have a few "off moments" with the change in routine and the major changes she's had in her life becoming a wonderful big sister. I wonder sometimes if kids (and anyone really) have "body memories" where, even if they can't articulate what is going on b/c it's maybe not a conscious memory, maybe for instance Mila cried in her sleep b/c her body remembered being in the hospital and maybe Zoya freaks when mommy leaves the room b/c some part of her is reminded of being alone before mama and daddy came for her? Or maybe not lol! Either way, sounds like you guys are doing an amazing job as always! P.S. Was thinkin about Zoya the other day after reading your update on Mila and smiling at the memory of the video where Zoya is practicing saying "Hellooo" with that precious accent of hers!

  5. Oh my goodness, could Zoya be any cuter???!?!?!? Her face is so expressive!! Love these pics! Everything sounds pretty normal for a little one having to accept a new baby in the house....nevermind all of the other bumps that you have all had to navigate. So happy that your two girls seem to be settling in now and that they love each other so much! Prayers for happy days and restful nights to come!! You are so blessed (AND a blessing to others)! (((HUGS)))!!!

  6. What a little character she is:) So glad she is doing well. You're doing a fine job, mama and daddy.

  7. She is so pretty. I love the picture of her with her daddy and her cheeks are as pink as her snowsuit. I'm glad she likes school and thankful that her routine there is the same. Hang in there, she'll get herself sorted out and relax. I'm keeping you all in my prayers.

  8. Love these pictures. She is so beautiful and so grown up! Mila has quite the big sister to look up to in life-they are the perfect match.

  9. I just want to say that "Grama Liz"( aka Lee) had as much fun as Zoya did...and Zoya does not mind having her picture taken which is just fine with me. She has grown up so much and she and Mila are lights in my life...Sarah and Shawn aren't so bad either:-)