Saturday, October 13, 2012

Baking Fun

Zoya helped me make THESE gluten free treats this morning :) We had them for a mid-morning snack and loved them! I will definitely make them again. Next time I might throw a few mini chocolate chips in them to change it up a bit! 
Trying to sneak a little taste....stinker! 

"Hmmm I'll just pretend to look like I'm thinking here while I'm trying to taste the batter that's on my finger." 

Added in some math time as we counted our muffins! 

Still counting! 
Ready to go in the oven! 
She was saying "ohhh boy!" when I set it down in front of her! 
Giving it a sniff to make sure it's okay....she loved smelling the cinnamon! 
"What is this new stuff mom?"
"What are you waiting for??? Feed Me NOW!"
"Oh sorry, I forgot I had to ask....FINE, I'll sign EAT!"
"This is heavenly!" 
So good she had to give it the "Zoya shake" 
"So you're saying if I want more I have to pick it up myself?"
"Totally worth the work!" 
"Mom, aren't I so cute, don't you want to give me another one?" (Mila ate 2 muffins herself!)


  1. Love your baking beauty!! And the Jelly Bean who helped eat the muffins too!! Recipe? (((BIG HUGS)))!!!

  2. Hi Anne! The recipe can be seen if you click the link at the top of the post that says "THESE gluten free treats." They're so good, even Shawn likes them and he is hard to please in the healthy eating department ;)

  3. HAHA! I was so anxious to get to the pics, I totally missed the link!! Thanks so much Sarah! If your hard to please hubby likes them so might mine!! But I probably won't disclose the gluten-free part until after the tasting!!! ;)