Saturday, October 13, 2012

Buddy Walk!

Last weekend we had our local Buddy Walk for Down Syndrome! It was INSIDE this year which was FABULOUS!!! I only remember one year within the last 5 years that it wasn't freezing cold and raining/sleeting/snowing. This year was no different, so having it inside was great! Grandma and Grandpa B. came up for the day and had fun with the girls!

Zoya, making nice time here LOL (she only walked about one lap of the nine! She was spoiled by Daddy and Grandpa B. for the rest of the laps!)

Zoya was afraid of the clown (she must get that from me)


Zoya and Grandpa B.

Mila and Daddy! 

Zoya and Liv! 

So excited to see the bouncy house! 

Grandma B. and Mila

Mila loves her Grandpa and hats! 

Mila trying to take Seth's Dad's mustache off his face! 

Zoya and Daddy!

The best family pic of the 3....LOL! 

Mama and Mila 

Getting sleepy! 

Lap 7 or so....

Happy to be done walking and taking a break! 

This is how Mila ended the walk! It was tough being carried around for a mile! 

Happy girl when there's music! 

Bustin' a move! 


  1. Inside is a great idea! Our Buddy Walk was cancelled due to weather today :(

  2. Great pics of everyone!!! Zoya really does look like she LOVES to dance!! So glad you had a great time for such a great cause!! (((HUGS)))!!!