Saturday, October 6, 2012

My Lovies

I sometimes wonder
how I ever lived without you in my life...
without your big beautiful blue eyes,
 your belly laugh,
and your silly faces! 
I often remember throughout the day
 just how much happiness you have brought to my life.
 I can't take away the time you lived on this earth without me
BUT I can promise to hold your hand every day for the rest of my life. 
 You two were destined to be sisters from the start....
 I look at you a million times a day and stand in awe with your beauty,
 your tender soul
wise beyond your years....
I feel in my heart that you've always been a part of me, even before I knew you.
 God clearly knew we needed each other. 
 Your sunny smile brightens so many dark days
Lately I try to hold on to each moment a little bit longer
and savor the sweet love you have shown me!


  1. Awe that made me cry. They are growing up SO FAST!

    I love love love the photos. silly faces and snuggled in bed with all the stuffed animals, both are precious beyond words.

    Thank you so much for letting us love them too. :)


  2. Both girls are beyond gorgeous! You are so so lucky!

  3. Hi Sarah! It was so nice to meet you and Mila today at the Buddy Walk! I've been a fan of your blog and your girls since Mila's adoption and it made my day to meet you both in person. I do think Mila and Ben would have fun playing together:)

    1. You too!!!! Email me sarah at gmail dot com! Would love to get together sometime!!!!!

  4. That is such a beautiful post. You take such great pictures of your girls (probably not too hard with such cute subjects:). I bet you are enjoying your time as a family of four and looking forward to being a family of five!! Prayers for a safe adoption of your newest cutie patootie!

    1. Yes yes yes!!!! Family of FIVE! Eeeeeek!

  5. What precious girls you have!

  6. You are absolutely blessed!
    Curious - the rails on Mila's crib appear to have individual protectors on them rather than a traditional bumper pad. Is that what I am seeing? If so, where did you get them?

    1. Yes! Those are Go Mama Go Wonder Bumpers!!! You can find them on amazon and other places. Here is an example

      We bought them for Zoya when she was still in a crib because she moved SO MUCH in her sleep that I was afraid she'd get a concussion banging her head off the rails! They were so so good for Zoya, and now we use them with Mila! I just LOVE them!!! If I could sew I could probably make them for cheaper than what it costs to buy, but I can barely sew a button!!! HAHA! They are just velour material with a foam insert and a zipper to zip up around each slat!

  7. What a sweet post, Sarah! Love it--and love those girls of yours! You guys are awesome!