Saturday, March 2, 2013

Dance....Take 2 with Headphones!

Zoya loves her headphones and I must say they look pretty darn cute with her ensemble! My plan was to have her take the headphones off for the performance and just keep the earplugs in, but she felt safer with the headphones, so off she went with her headphones! As long as the headphones were on, Zoya acted like her good 'ol self...even causing some trouble! But when we had to take them off to take her t-shirt off, she reverted back to the anxious little girl we saw at her last dance performance! My brain is fried, so I'll leave you with some cute pictures from today!

waiting with her helper! 

Hangin' with Daddy

This really shows their personalities! LOL! (Their shirts say 'little sister' and match Zoya's dance team!)

The huge crowd!

Being silly with Mama! 

Sisterly love! 

Kisses from Mila (weather she likes it or not!)

A family photo! Yay!!! 

Dancing with Daddy to calm the nerves! 

Daddy is a good dancer! 

Watching the other teams practice

Clearly happier this time around! 
Hugs from B! 

Zoya loves this little friend!! 

More hugs from her hugging buddy, A. 

These two are like huggy magnets! 

I love her little hand there! 

Zoya's dance teacher before the performance

Zoya and her helper, N!

I didn't get very many good shots during the show because I was chasing Mila who kept slithering away, but you can see Zoya with her leg in the air on this shot! 

Getting ready with her guitar

Another peek

Standing ovation from the crowd and when I turned around I saw people wiping their tears away! This little dance group touches so many hearts! 


  1. What a great time that looks like. I love that Momma is one smart gal and purchased headphones that coordinates with the dance outfits. :)

  2. My son was anxious and shy as a child. He didn't like crowds, loud noises, parties or other children. We would go to the park at night to avoid the kids. He was always so different at home; we got to see the real him. I just let him be but gave him lots of opportunities to expand his horizons. I figured when he was ready, he would bloom. And I never let anyone label him. Well he is 19 now. He performs in a band at local pubs. He does public speaking. He is taking Forensics in University. He performs magic and slight of hand and teaches a magic class. He has taught for co-op. He is a leader in so many ways. He is at his best when performing. And you would never know this was the same little boy. You are doing all the right things and one day she will soar!!!

  3. I am so glad the headphone worked for her, what a CUTIE!

  4. Zoya has the most amazing smile!!! It just cracks me up every time I see it. You cannot NOT smile seeing her!!! Wonderful job to the dance team!

  5. Love, l*o*v*e, LOVE Zoya's headphones! And the 2 littles in the stroller make me smile so huge my face hurts:)

    Love your family........Susan from Boston

  6. Your little girls are SO cute! I'm amazed that Zoya wasn't overwhelmed by the large crowd but you can see that she's having a great time! I enjoy your blogs and love seeing the progress that all the girls have made. They are blessed to have such a wonderful Mom and Dad. You are all in my prayers.