Saturday, March 9, 2013

Mila's 2nd Birthday Celebration!

Today started our birthday celebration for Miss Mila Hope (even though her birthday is Monday). I am thinking about her birth mother today and have no idea what she is thinking a couple days before the 2nd anniversary of Mila's birth. We know that at 11 weeks gestation there was a threat of miscarriage and some other complications along the way, so I imagine her mother was very excited and hopeful when she made it to 35 weeks in the pregnancy...only to likely be devastated when she was born with Down Syndrome...I'll never pretend to know how hard it must have been to walk away from that hospital leaving her behind, but I'm so thankful that life was chosen for her. What was once devastation has turned to beauty. We are so lucky and honored to be Mila's parents. Happy 2nd Birthday Hopey Bear!

We opened presents this morning with Grandma and Grandpa B. and then this afternoon we Shawn and I took JUST MILA out to an early dinner and a trip to the toy store! Mila has been a little jealous about all of our time with Sofia lately, so we thought this would be a nice gift for her instead of a party. Growing up, my parents always took just the birthday child out somewhere special on their birthday and I think it's a tradition I'd like to start with our girls! I love spending time with them one on one and love that we can set aside time for each of them to have some special time and have mom and dad's 100% attention! We came home for ice cream cake with Uncle Mike and Aunt Carol and Gramma Liz. It was a crazy busy day, but we had a blast celebrating our Mila Bean! 

What's that you say? Peppermint Patty for breakfast? Don't mind if I do! Love this chocolate smile! 

They say it's my birthday! 

Pretty girl birthday outfit!!! (See the flame on the candle? At some point it disappeared and we're waiting to "find out" which baby ate it!!!!)

It's my birthday, I'm allowed to push my sister and laugh! 

More sisterly love ;) 

Opening presents! 

Mila doesn't know it yet but this little push wagon will help her learn to walk....but so far it's just a whole lot of fun to sit in! 

When we bought this wagon, this is what I pictured LOL!!!

A therapy mat to do some PT!!! Seems like a gift most babies wouldn't want, but I assure you, we picked this out because Mila LOVES the mat at physical therapy....this did not disappoint!

When we unfolded it she started going in circles and crawling around like a mad woman! 

She enjoyed all the extra attention at dinner! 

And had fun throwing a ball out of the cart and making Daddy chase it at the toy store! 

Mila momentarily forgot she has hands! Her tongue often acts as a third hand! 

Sister enjoying cake! Sofia had a bite too but still doesn't love cold foods!

Don't take my cake away!!!!!

Mila loves when Uncle Mike sings Margaritaville! Here she is doing the motion for "searchin' for my last shaker of salt...SALT SALT"  (P.S. look at that Buddha belly!)


Tomorrow I'll post about Zoya's busy weekend with some dance performances! 


  1. Happy Birthday Mila Hope!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Love you, baby girl.

  2. What sweet girls you have there! Happy Birthday Mila!

  3. Happy Birthday Mila! I'm glad to see that the beginning of your birthday week was so special, just like you....

    xoxoxoxox from all of us!

  4. Happy 2nd birthday, beautiful Mila!! I'm glad you got to spend some special time alone with mama and daddy and it looks like you had an awesome birthday party!
    As you were celebrating your birthday, I was holding my brand new nephew who was born March 7 in the late evening. It is my brother's first child...his name is Scotty (named after his daddy, Scott). I bet if he were a little older and they lived in your area, you guys would have fun together! Happy, happy b-day sweet girl! Lori

  5. Happy birthday, Mila Hooooooope! :)

    I love the picture of Sofia pushing her in the wagon -- I laughed out loud! SO cute ;)

    Keep us posted as to who ate the flame! Glad that kind of stuff happens to other people, and not just us....

  6. Their little pink and black outfits are to die for! How I wish I had a little girl like them to buy that fun stuff for...LOL. Anyway, this was so wonderful to see all these pictures of Mila's special day! What a difference (in all three girls). Thanks for sharing!

    One of your PA neighbors,