Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Happy 3rd Metcha Day Zoya!!!

It seems that Zoya has been a part of my soul for much longer than 3 years....in fact it seems like she was always there, tucked away in my inner most being since the day I was born. 3 years ago, on March 17, 2010, we got to physically see and feel this child that has rocked our worlds completely! When I look at these pictures, I can see that right then and there we knew she was something special, but little did we know just how special and just how much we needed one another. 

I remember sitting and waiting so anxiously for them to bring her to us. I remember first noticing her haircut, and then her cute ears (still one of my favorite Zoya features), and then my eyes met hers and so many silent words were spoken between us. 

If you've never read her Metcha Day Story, check it out here! 

Zoya has taught me so many things over these past 3 years. Words could never explain the way our hearts are woven together. 

I look forward to the next 3 years and all those years to come after that! 


  1. So so cute~ I was at the park the other day and this other mother had a 3 year old boy that was very interested in my daughters bike and a small baby in an ERGO carrier. I was pretty consumed with my 2 that I did not really engage with this other mother..... She asked me the age of my youngest and I said 11 months..... her son was now out of the carrier and had his back to me.... I asked how old her baby was... She said 8 months. Mind you my 11 month old is pretty big and I just blurted out... Oh hes so tiny! Come to realize that he has Down Syndrome.... I wanted to rewind and take back my comment! How could I be so insensitive and make a comment that would for sure hit a nerve with a mother of a child with special needs... Like I said I did not see his face just his back side but I felt HORRIBLE! I decided to try and make a mends and let her know that my comment was in no way to be taken in a negative manner. After a little while we were pushing the babies on the swings.... she said that her son did not sit up all that well but he loved the swing and shortly after she said "my son has down syndrome" I knew she needed to say it... maybe thinking I did not know, or to point out that he was not sitting up at 8 months because of it.. I was not quite sure but my reaction was very calm and supportive. Almost like she told me that her son had a splinter. I just wonder how hard it is for some parents to have to or feel the need to explain the "needs" of their child. This little boy was soooooo adorable! I could not help but blurt out... I follow this blog.... a mother from the United States.... she has adopted 3 amazing little girls... Almost like we were personal friends... Her face looked shocked.... almost amazed that someone could take on so much. Her eyes got bigger and you could see that she has not had the resources, or connection of other families to believe that this child of hers will open so many doors for her and make her see what life is really about. She loved her little boy so much but I felt like she was stuck in a place where she was still in shock and denial....... I mentioned the book Bloom by Kelle Hampton and she had never heard of it... and I mentioned Reeces Rainbow.. She was very excited to check it all out and try and connect with other families in a similar situation!
    See... your story is very uplifting and gives people hope. I know you dont think you have done anything "amazing" or want to be praised for adopting 3 beautiful girls... but your story caught my attention enough for me to talk about you to perfect strangers..... Its people like you that do the unexpected and make a name and clear the path for others.... Happy 3rd Metcha Day Zoya.... your mom is Amazing! :)
    Oh and you dont have to post this comment... I just did not have your email to message you :)

  2. Sometimes I forget that Zoya was adopted! lol Or that she ever had short hair! You have been blessed.

  3. She is just a beautiful love. It is amazing to see how she has grown. :)


  4. I don't even know you all personally yet it truly DOES feel like beautiful Zoya has been with you guys from the very start! She is such an awesome big sister and there is just something about her spirit and her smile that touches my heart even all the way up here in Maine lol. Congrats to you all!