Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Goofy Girls!

The girls were in a goofy mood after their naps today! 

Love the peeking eyes from behind! 

This girl will be walking soon...oh no! 

No idea what she was doing here! LOL

Crazy Face! 

Mila's new game is to sit calmly then DIVE on people! She thinks it's so funny! 

Blowing Raspberries

Sisterly Love! 

Best Big Sister Ever! (Mila is not too thrilled with the lack of attention!) 

You can see that Sofia has almost caught up to Mila in size!!! And Sofia (right) is 6 months younger than Mila! 

With each passing day she becomes more and more beautiful! 

Also another new fun game around here...stick your finger in children's mouths until you get bit, then cry! 
Zoya was laughing and would never bite her! Sofia and Mila, however, bit each other when they stick their fingers in one another's mouths! Then they cry! HAHA. 

This picture makes me laugh so hard! Sofia is thinking "Hurry get the movie going before Mom finds out!!!" And Mila is  not even close to finding the right buttons to turn it on, but she's trying! 

Caught her in a game of Peek-a-boo, she had just moved her hands! 

So thankful for our baby girls!!!!!!!!!! 


  1. I don't know how it's possible for them to get any cuter and any more beautiful, but somehow they always do!

  2. So cute, what great fun capturing these moments today, I bet you were just dying of laughter.

    The ones that really cracked me up were the electronics photo, Mila looks very determined to find the right button. LOL The matrix type move that Sofia is doing in the chair. Zoya being her silly self in the bouncer. and.... the one that made me snicker was in the background you can Mya checking out the highchair to see if anything was left behind. Oh all of your girls, so adorable.

    Zoya is so sweet with her sisters. Love those touching moments, bonds made between them are heart warming. :)

    Big hugs to them all....

  3. Such beautiful girls - true treasures. So much personality! And Zoya reminds me of Shirley Temple :) Truly blessed to get to read about your amazing daughters.

  4. Sofia is growing in leaps and bounds! I love that "first" photo (in this post) of her standing. She looks like a little diva--so proud of herself--and rightfully so! Such happy beautiful girls! Enjoy!

  5. So cute!! Zoya is breathtakingly beautiful!!! She is looking so grown up. :(

  6. Your girls are absolutely gorgeous. This blog is changing the face of Down Syndrome. Not something to be tested for and avoided but something to be celebrated and desired to be in your family. Xxoo

  7. Ha ha ha ha! The biting thing made me LOL because our kids have been doing it. My 3-year-old will stick her finger in her baby brother's mouth and when he bites her she starts crying and saying "He bit me, he bit me!" Well... what did you expect?! LOL!

    Their goofy expressions are so cute! Love how they all smile with their WHOLE faces and bodes!!!

  8. Finally I am able to leave a message, I so enjoy reading your posts and your humor is wonderful. Sofia's hair in these photos make me laugh, one can tell that she has gained weight as her face is getting chuncky. Wonder what her life would have been if you and Shaun hadn't sprung her from te orphanage.She is the luckiest girl around to have such wonderful parents and two great sisters. Carol

  9. Just love these photos, Sofia's hair makes me laugh as it is all over the place. One can tell she has gained weight since she has been home. She is the luckiest girl to have such caring parents and big sisters.Wonder what her life would be like now if you hadn't sprung her from the orphanage.Carol

  10. The last picture says a lot! Zoya reading in the background, Mila being absolutely adorable up front and Sofia looking for some trouble! LOL Your girls are so beautiful. I like to think my 3 year old daughter is the cutest in the world but then I see these 3 and my daughter has some stiff competition! :)