Sunday, May 5, 2013

Mila's Surgery

I'm listening to my Mila girl breathing steadily as she sleeps. I hate that she has no idea she has to have her tonsils and adenoids out tomorrow :( This is her first surgery since her open heart surgery, so we're a bit nervous :( She'll be spending a night at the hospital (hopefully only one) just to make sure she does okay! Please pray for an easy procedure and recovery! Specific prayers would be that Mila will drink enough (she only knows how to drink from a straw and she isn't allowed so that will be interesting) and that her pain would be minimal! Thank you!

Here is a picture of Mila taking a nap. She and I are staying at the Ronald McDonald House while Shawn holds down the fort at home with the two wild ones :) 

Mila loved chillin' on this big bean bag in the play room before bed! 

I'll update tomorrow after her surgery! Thanks for the prayers!! 


  1. Prayers for you Mila Bean!!! Keep up on the pain meds - that is the trick - don't wait any extra time :( It's not a fun one - but it makes a huge difference for apnea!!!

  2. Prayers for an easy surgery and recovery for Miss Mila and that she will drink. Also prayers for Momma not to be too worried.

    In Jesus name, Amen.

  3. thinking of you guys today. prayers be said for a speedy recovery. xoxoxox

  4. BIG PRAYERS going out for you ladies this morning! God has his hand on Mila and on you too, Momma! Will continue to ask for his peace to be upon you today and tonight and for quick healing for your sweet baby. I think Mila will figure out the drinking thing quickly! She will wow you once again with her strength! ((((BIG BIG HUGS)))!!!

  5. Praying everything went well the surgery. God bless!