Sunday, May 12, 2013

Spring Time....Grass!

We couldn't wait to get Sofia outside in the grass since she had NEVER felt grass before!!! At first she wasn't too sure of the prickly green stuff! Since it was her first time experiencing grass I took 100 pictures of her! 

This stuff tickles mama! 

This is called "The Sprinkler" :) 

Love this sweet face! 

Pure Joy! 

Mila didn't get much grass time last summer because she was so itty bitty! She wasn't quite sure of it, either! 

Unsuccessful attempts to get everyone looking at the same time! 

 Zoya was trying to feed Mila sticks

She's so beautiful! 

 Daddy and Mila! 

My American Beauty! 

Dear Jesus, Thank you for sending me a family! 

We are so excited for warmer weather, sunshine, and outdoor fun!!! 


  1. Beautiful photos & gorgeous girls!
    Thank you for sharing.

    Maria (sydney)

  2. Beautiful Children. Happy Mother's Day Sarah!

  3. I was looking at your blog not that long ago and wow...the girls have grown more yet again! They are growing up so fast. Zoya especially is really starting to look like a big girl. :-)

  4. LOVE all the pics. Super cute. Happy Mother's Day!

  5. Sarah the change in each of your girls is beyond precious! I look at Zoya and think is this the same little girl from just 3 years ago and for Mila I cannot believe she is the tiny precious one I held in the airport that day. Sophia looks like she can't enjoy life enough! You have such beautiful girls!
    p.s. Your grass looks great too!

  6. Oh my! The girls are beautiful and each with her distinct personality. Little Sofia always cracks me up as she is so joyously expressive! When I need a lift, all I have to do is look at Sofia and her expressions galore. I still go back to the post when she cries on command. Totally, totally hilarious. Many thanks for continuing to share the heartwarmers.