Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Warm Weather Baby Pool Fun!

Princess Mila said the pool water was too cold! 

I think she looks like a real life doll....especially when her eyelashes get wet and stick together like this! 

This girl LOVES any activity with WATER! 

I love Mila's "focus" face! She's trying hard to stack the toys and has her "O" focus mouth! 

Sofia looks like she's having a time out LOL! 

I love Zoya's real smile when we catch it!

Such a dolly baby! 

The Queen! 

Looking forward to many more warm summery days of splashing in the baby pool! 


  1. Those pictures of Miss Sofia are a huge reminder of all she missed out on (water), things we just take for granted. And all she now gets to experience and truly enjoy with her family. Your girls and family are so very blessed. Great pictures!!

  2. LOVE the pic of Zoya's 'real' smile! Not that her cheese face isn't adorable, but the real smile is so gorgeous!

  3. Oh the cuteness. ♥ your girls!