Saturday, May 11, 2013

Zoya's Best Dance Performance!

I haven't posted this yet, but have been meaning to! Zoya had her last dance competition in Cleveland and she rocked it! We weren't sure we were going to go because we knew it was going to be HUGE and weren't sure how she'd do. She worked through her anxiety and took a front row spot and danced her heart out! She just kept inching closer to the front and took over the show HAHA! We were so proud of her!

Practice Run...

When they first got out there, Zoya was overwhelmed and just sat down and didn't want to move! Once the music started she jumped up and began her routine! 

Hello to all my fans! 

Here's where she makes the break for front and center! 

This is her favorite dance move! She started pumping her leg up as the crowd cheered louder, so funny! 

Holding her medal! 

Sneaking a snuggle with her buddy, B! 

On the way home! 

Loving her medal, but oh so tired! 

Here is a video of our dancing star! 

Grandma and Grandpa B. got to come up for one of Zoya's other dance performances! She was excited to perform for them! 


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  1. SUPERSTAR!!!! Love that she has grown so confident through her dance experience!!! What an awesome opportunity for her! Clearly she loves it!!! ((((HUGS))))!!!