Saturday, July 20, 2013

Adorable Summer Babies!

We've been so busy so far this summer between therapies, play dates, swimming, and just having fun! We've been doing "school" as many days a week as I can fit in. Zoya asks to "work with mama" every day...I'm glad she's so motivated, and I know she'll be happy to get back to school in the fall! Trying to find the balance between all of our therapies/activities, and just having some unstructured relaxing time is quite the balancing act, as usual! Between all three girls we have at least one therapy appointment every day of the week...add to that some medical appointments and I'm ready to take a break! Actually, we decided that for ONE WHOLE WEEK in August, we're taking a break from all therapies and appointments!!! That week we have some special visitors coming that we're so excited about! Shawn's been busy taking orders making scooter boards and swings to go inside the house (working on that post!). Zoya is talking more and more every day and says some pretty funny things lately! I love hearing her thoughts! She's reading and learning to sound out words. Math doesn't seem to be her favorite, but I can't blame her there! Sofia is walking more and more but not full time yet! She's got a temper that could scare the most hardened criminals! But, she's also got a pretty contagious zest for life, too!  Mila is doing awesome with her gait trainer and has learned to pull up to it and use it independently around the house! She had her pre-op appointment for her eye surgery in August and we're really hoping that will help the head posturing you see in most of her pictures (which will allow her to balance better and continue her on her walking journey). She has been a total class clown around here lately making funny faces to make everyone around her laugh! 

Here are some summer fun pictures! 

A favorite summer meal has been chocolate chip pancakes!

 Uh-Oh! What's that you say? I have some chocolate on my face? 

Love how Sofia looks up to her...they are so much alike, and it kinda scares me! 

The innocent one dive-bombing the other two! 


Playdate with cousins! 

(Mila was nakey bummed so I can't share most of her pics LOL! but she's got the cutest baby butt ever!) 

"Wasn't me!" 

This is usually how every good activity ends ;) 

I hope to be back blogging with more WORDS to go with my pictures soon! My brain has been taking a break, though :) (Well, it's constantly working overtime IN MY HEAD but the thoughts all seem to get stuck there....I guess some writer's block going on!). 


  1. 1. Your girls are absolutely precious, as usual.
    2. Your house is WAYYYYY tooo clean to have three kiddos and a dog.
    3. You're the best mommy.

  2. Missing your thoughtful insight but loving all of this cuteness in pics!!! Your days must be so filled with laughter (although not always of course) and you must fall into bed exhausted at night! My heart smiles so big when I think of the difference your love has made to the lives these three treasures!! ((((BIG HUGS)))!!!

  3. Love the Chocolate Chip face from Mila!

  4. Right there with you for the writers block. It's summer though so maybe in the fall I will come up with something. LOL
    Love your girls and their cuteness!

  5. Looks like the girls are having a great summer! And mama and daddy could probably use a REAL vacation--LOL!