Thursday, July 11, 2013

Sofia's Walking!....and Mila's Making Huge Progress!

Our wild one is getting very close to being a full time walker! She can take 12-15 steps at a time and turn corners. She stands herself up from the middle of the floor and takes off toward what she wants! She's still pretty clumsy but catches herself well and pops right back up! I think I should try to sit back and relax for these last few weeks....days? as a non-full-time-walker!

This is the best I've been able to get on video so far...her balance is getting better and better and she loves stopping and starting again! (You see the hip helper shorts on in this video...these ones are a size too big...hip helper shorts are not designed for walking but with our PTs advice we went up a size bigger to use with walking to allow her to have a wide enough stride to walk but also to help support her hips and keep her from splaying them so much when she walks!)

And here is 25 pound Sofia pushing 28 pound Mila in a wagon that is at least 5 pounds!! Crazy girl! I think one day she may be an olympic shotput thrower! LOL. 

Mila's gross motor progress is also continuing to amaze us and all her therapists! Her recent progress can't really be explained and almost doesn't seem believable! Thankfully I'm watching it with my own eyes or I might not have believed it! Mila is a miracle in so many ways and I feel as if God is continuing to work miracles in her life! She has only had her gait trainer a couple months (?) and she is already able to use it without the seat prompt AND now, without the chest prompt! We're working on endurance, but we are OH SO PROUD of her!

Here is Mila walking with a wagon push toy. She struggled for a long time to bear weight through her arms to support herself this way. She often used her chest to support her body when standing and walking in her walker....but now her arms are strong enough to do this! 

And here is Mila walking using only the frame of her gait trainer! I've seen her try to pull herself up on her walker throughout the day and she actually WANTS to walk!!!! Who IS this girl?? :) 


  1. It is so awesome how well the girls are doing! I wonder if Mila's progress has a lot to do with Sofia, there's something to be said for a little sibling rivalry:)

  2. I cannot begin to tell you how besotted I am by your gorgeous girls.... the transformation of Mila, particularly, blows my mind! I've been following your blog since just before you brought Mila home and have just fallen in love with her. My husband & friends ask why do I follow the blogs of people (adopting orphans with special needs) that I have never met. It's all about the children. I tell him it is to follow their journey and watch the children transform with the help of a loving, caring family. Just the transformation of the children warms my heart.

    Sending you much love from Australia.


  3. super. Good job Mila and sofia