Monday, July 15, 2013

Happy 4th of July...2 weeks later :)

This year Shawn had to work, so we spent the day with Papa and Gigi. The girls went to their first ever parade, and I quickly remembered why I had not ever attempted a parade with any of the girls before :) I could only find one pair of Zoya's headphones at the time and I really wish I had the other pair for Sofia! She was a bit terrified!! With Zoya's headphones she was fine but not too interested in the parade. Mila was only scared with the REALLY LOUD ANNOYING 100 firetrucks :) So all in all, our first parade was....well neither a roaring success nor an utter failure :) They LOOKED adorable...that's all that matters, right? HAHA! 

A bird's eye view :) 

A little dancing to one of the floats that was playing music :) 

Mila is thinking, "What the &^%$ was THAT sudden loud scary noise?!" Snuggling Papa for some comfort! 

Poor Sofia did not really enjoy much of the parade! 

Zoya and Gigi

Mya's twin (for now), puppy Lilly :)

They were HAPPY to be back in the car! 

How'd we get so lucky?! That's a lot of precious cargo! 

One by one they were OUT on the way home! In fact, Sofia NEVER woke up until almost 4 hours later! All these new experiences are exhausting! 

Not gonna lie, I sat in the peaceful air conditioned car for 10 minutes before taking them inside :) 

We had a picnic with Daddy, who was finally home from work, and Papa and Gigi, but skipped the fireworks....maybe in a few years we'll be brave enough to try those! 


  1. Just love all the recent photos of the girls and their various activities.
    The wagon is such a good idea, too bad they don't make a three seater in pink. You must spend hours coordinating the girls outfits. The "little" ones certainly do stimulate each other, so nice to see. Zoya is such a good big sister. What a wonderful family the five of you are, the girls certainly have caring loving parents who will go the extra mile for them.
    Carol (wish I could get rid of caol)

  2. Sarah I love your light hearted attitude and sense of humor when it comes to multiple kids acting up in a public place. I'm very inspired to relax with my own 2 after reading this :)

  3. Precious cargo indeed!!!! I'm loving the chunkiness of those little arms, legs, and cheeks!!! Such happy sweeties!! Skipping the fireworks was a wise decision! (((HUGS)))!!!

  4. Loving all the pictures and videos. Look at Mila and Sofia go!! Momma ya ready for 3 of them going their separate ways? LOL

    Also enjoyed Sofia's adoption video.

    Beautiful family.