Saturday, September 25, 2010

Homecoming (Picture Overload!)

Shawn and I met in college 8 years ago. Today was our college's homecoming and since we live in the town of our college, we headed over for some fun. Zoya had a BLAST. I've never seen this girl have more fun than she did today!! She met so many new friends and had a blast WALKING all around! She started off crawling but that did not last long. She began walking all over the pavement where the alumni tent was set up! I couldn't keep up with her. At one point I turned around and she was signing "eat please" to some lady as she reached toward her plate!! At least she asked right?!?!  (This was after she had eaten two pieces of chicken, some corn on the cob, potatoes, crackers, cheerios, and a huge brownie!) We weren't sure how it'd go since Zoya usually goes down for her nap between 12 and 1. You would have never know that though seeing our girl today! She was like the energizer bunny and full of smiles only!  We hung out in the alumni tent for a while, then went up on the field to watch a few minutes of the football game, then we went to the kids area where they had a petting zoo and bouncy houses!  She has just now finally settled down in her crib upstairs for a late afternoon nap (3pm). I just cannot believe how much fun this girl had! She is always pretty happy but oh my today she was like a kid in Disney World! I think you will be able to tell how much fun she had from her beaming smile in all of the pictures!

Walking maniac! We are in SOOOOO much trouble!

Cute Family Photos...

Zoya kept asking Daddy to throw her in the air.....MORE she kept signing!

 Youcan't catch me!

Zoya made some new friends....

Zoya says, "How come nobody told me this walking thing is so much fun?"

Lovin on her Daddy

 "I'm a big girl"

I love this girl more than words can ever say!

 New ad for Mercyhurst College?

My silly monkey!

Such squeezable cheeks!

At the petting zoo....

If you remember, Zoya was pretty terrified of the inflatable bouncy house at her 2nd birthday party. Not so much anymore.....she LOVED this thing! She fussed a little when we had to come out of it! (nothing a cracker couldn't make all better though!)

This one is blurry but I had to cracks me up....look at her hair and that expression!

Now I am ready for a nap!!!!!


  1. Honestly I don't think there is anything cuter than her constant smile. She's GORGEOUS! Still considering piercing little Sofia's ears! I love Zoya's!!!

  2. She is getting so Big:)and I love the double piggy tails. Unbelievable what a few short months can do filled with love and a family!! You are so blessed!!

  3. These pics are all so good!! I love her big smile in all the pics! So cute!!

  4. Thanks for the warning of picture overload but you can NEVER have enough photos of that precious girl.

    I think Mercyhurst College is in for some wild adventures with this little lady running around. Definitely a great poster child in the making for the college. I "love" her sweatshirt. The picture of all three of you is priceless. I think that one needs to be printed off and framed.

    Bounce house pics were great!

  5. Totally the newest ad. Hands down the cutest thing I've ever seen.

    ZOYA s cutest SMILE makes my day!!!
    Thankyou for sharing your SUNSHINE GIRL with us!
    Be blessed!!

  7. She's so beautiful. I love the second picture, the one of all three of you together and both you and her have the biggest smile. I wouldn't even know she was adopted.

  8. Ok so I just looked through all these precious pictures again and I just love them. You can just tell how full of life and happiness Zoya has in her life and it is so wonderful! All her big smiles and adorable expressions could just make anyones heart melt and everytime I see pics like these of this precious girl I have a perma smile on my face! Thank you for sharing your sweet girl with us!