Sunday, September 19, 2010

Skidders Shoes

I'm so excited that I finally found something that can go over Zoyas orthotics (Sure Step SMOs) that she can wear in the house! With her SMOs she always has to have shoes over them mainly for safety reasons. The SMOs are hard plastic and she would fall if she tried to walk on bare floors with them.  So we just always kept her shoes on in the house but I didn't like having her wear shoes all the time and having her dirty shoes from outside in the house too.  But look what I found!
They're cute little shoe/socks that fit right over her SMOs. They have lots of traction on the bottom so she doesn't slip. They were designed for toddlers between 12-24 months who are learning to walk (not designed for SMO wearers but they work nicely). They fit shoe sizes Toddler 4-8 (we have the size 4s). They come in a million different cute patterns and the best part is that I found them at Target for $12.99! They obviously don't offer as much support as a pair of sneakers, but the support is mostly the job of the SMO anyways and we are only using these cool skidders when we are home.  We still put her sneakers on when we leave and still wear them sometimes in the house.
So any other SMO mommas....these rock! I looked high and low for something like this and finally found it! She can walk just as easily in these as she can in her shoes. And she can be a little more comfortable and not have to wear sneakers 24/7.

And now for some super cute pictures just for fun!

Zoya is watching Elmo and he just came on the screen for the first time! Oh the excitement!

Daddy is telling Zoya he has a boo boo.  She is touching his knee and mirroring the "in pain" face he was making.

This girl loves holding onto socks. Notice the drum in the background.  This is now one of her favorite toys.  It is filled (until she empties it) with loud musical instruments. Her favorite instruments are the egg shakers that she uses appropriately but also likes to throw to the dog who chases them wildly around the house trying to eat them.  Next favorite is the drum sticks which she also uses appropriately as well as inappropriately (hitting the dog with them).  She loves the band in a, notsomuch hehe....thanks Uncle Bub! She would empty and refill this drum a hundred times a day if we let her! I have started putting it up high and she has to ask for it.  If its anywhere in her sight she asks for it and if I say no she whines hehe.

Today we had a picnic for our sailing program. Here is Zoya's bud Seth (who as some of you know was one of our footprints leading us to adopt Zoya). In this picture Seth is laughing and Zoya is signing "more" because Seth just ran me over with the stroller and you can see they both thought it was pretty funny and Zoya wanted him to do it again!

Seth looks so proud to be the big kid taking Zoya for a walk!

Off to sit around and eat bon bons now.  Riiiiight, maybe one day?


  1. Watch for those at Target periodically as they go on sale especially after the holidays. That's when we stocked up on two sizes up for Ms. Iz who LOVES these too.

    Elmo has become #1 in this household too.

    Hehehe, she is such a stinker. Loving the smiles.

  2. Zoya is too cute!

    We loved the "band in a box" story!

    Enjoy your bon-bons and your week! ;)


  3. Those skidders are awesome! Gavin wore them while learning to walk on our slippery hardwood floors and they made such a difference. Hope they work for Miss Zoya!

  4. I just watched the video of Zoya's adoption adroad and "HOME" - so touching! Thank you for the happy tears and planting that "seed". My sister and her family adopted Marcus and Macey (Timur & Natalia) from Ukraine a little over a year. They both are bloosoming into such beautiful children (thenewdickinsonfamily). Your daughter is so beautiful, I'm glad I came across your blog. Enjoy your amazing blessing, a true gift from Above! Tara in Oklahoma.

  5. I saw these at Target also. I bought the brown with the pink dots for Lydiah. They are so cute !!!