Wednesday, September 1, 2010


6:30am Wake up, shower, get ready for work
7:30am Get Zoya ready (thank goodness Shawn was here to do most of that!)
7:40am Load dishwasher, clean kitchen
7:45am Kiss my hubby and my girl goodbye for the day :(
7:50am Leave for work
8:00am run around like a crazy lady trying to organize my lessons for the day, team meeting
9:00am until 3:30pm tell students a million times to STOP TALKING and do their work (get headache somewhere in here), listen to one of my students say he cannot sit on the carpet like everyone else because his belly button hurts
3:40pm see my sweet angel when the sitter brings her to my classroom
3:40pm try to pack up all my school junk to bring home to work on later but forget half of it at school because Zoya is getting into everything in my classroom
4:00pm clean up the manipulative bins that Zoya decided to dump all over my classroom floor
4:15pm leave with Zoya for Zoya's doctor appointment
4:30pm Zoya's doctor appointment
4:45pm yell at the stupid student loan people (for the fourth time after already talking to them for TWO HOURS the other day) who have royally screwed up my account and probably my good credit score. Headache gets worse here and voice gets louder!
5:00pm arrive home and change Zoya's diaper JUST IN TIME
5:15pm put Zoya in time out for touching something I had just told her not to (as she looks me in the eye and touches the item with a smirk)
5:15-5:23pm listen to Zoya throw the biggest temper tantrum I've ever heard because she hates time out (too bad)
5:30pm order pizza for dinner and tell Shawn, "I'll try to get better at this working mom thing I promise"
5:35pm feed Zoya dinner and do her therapeutic listening
6:00pm start eating dinner and put Zoya in time out for chucking her straw cup across the table.
6:00pm-6:04pm listen to Zoya throw an even bigger temper tantrum in time out. She has some lungs!
6:30pm: Watch Baby Signing Times for the millionth time (snuggle with my girl...bonus)
7:00pm: Give Zoya a bath, put her on the potty, wave goodbye to her pee, brush her teeth, give her a massage, put jammies on, run all the way back downstairs and outside holding Zoya to go to the car to get her blankie, run all the way back upstairs, hug her tight, put her in bed and rub her belly and whisper I love Yous.
7:45pm: work on lesson plans for school
8:15pm: whine about my stressful day on my blog
8:30pm: eat chocolate chip cookies because why not? I already ate pizza for dinner
9:00pm: if I make it til then? crash on the couch and have Shawn drag me upstairs with one eye open.

Is it really only Wednesday? I love teaching and I love being a wife and I love being a momma but WWWWAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH I didn't do a great job at any of it today :(


  1. I don't have great advice other than we do it because we love our kids more than ourselves (and free time :) you will do it until the day you die if it means zoya doesn't have to feel one more second of do it because you are a good mom. Your day eerily sounds like every day for the last 3yrs...and I will do it until the day I die :)

  2. Sounds like u had a rough day !!! :-(
    I will say a prayer that your day goes better tomorrow...

  3. Vanessa / CincinnatiSeptember 1, 2010 at 10:26 PM

    Don't be so hard on yourself !! Being a real life superwoman is hard work !! Things will get better... It is just part of getting used to the new routine... it happens to us EVERY year !!!
    Hugs to you & Zoya !

  4. Sounds like you did an amazing job to me! You fit so much into a day and you are important to so many people! Chin up! In just a few hours, you'll get to do it all again! ;)

    I hope you have a relaxing weekend planned!

  5. I have followed your blog for sometime although I have never commented. I had to laugh tonight, I am a teacher too,and I came home fell on the bed about 9:15 after one of those days with both my students and my own kids who are teens.
    I love your blog and I thought I will de-stress by reading about beautiful Zoya. I had quite a chuckle when I was finished. We all have those days you are a great mom, wife and teacher. You also bring alot of joy to those of us following your touching, open, honest and heartfelt blog. Hang in there it's almost a 3 day weekend :) Rhonda

  6. Pssshhht. Sounds like you did awesome at all of the above. I'm sure Zoya girl thinks so. :)

  7. Actually you did GREAT!

    You made it thru the entire day....

    You also took time to realize what was important today, those special moments with your little one and Shawn.....

    Tomorrow is another day and it will get better.


    PS: Had to crack up at the SMIRK while touching the object Zoya knows not to. Gotta love that girl! GRIN :)

  8. Don't beat yourself up. I am a SAHM now, but I was a working mom for years...and it's tough. It just takes time to figure it all out- and life is never ever perfect! You just do the best you can and love your family- it'll all fall into place.

  9. We all have those days, heck sometimes they are weeks, but its ok. I think its a great day because Zoya got to spend time with both parents, had dinner a bath and a nice bedtime, even got some therapy and life lessons in there. :)

    be blessed

  10. Sorry about the stressful day! Haha I dont like time outs either! Haha! It was my birthday that day! Well hope you Zoya, and Shawn r doing well!
    -Alexandra Long

  11. The answer's in your last line. You're doing three full-time jobs so you can't really expect to do them all to the max all the time. You know the start of school is always stressful--even for those of us who aren't parenting toddlers. It'll get better!

  12. It will take some time to get used to your new routine. Just take it one day at a time...sounds to me like you're doing fine and I'll bet Zoya and Shawn would agree. :)