Thursday, September 16, 2010

I Would Walk 500 Miles (If it wasn't so hard and if felt like it)

Lots of people are asking if Zoya is walking yet. I talked about it a little in my last post. Yes she CAN walk but it isn't easy for her so she still prefers to crawl but is starting to walk more on her own with little prompting. She CAN walk when she wants to and she can walk from one end of the house to the other. She can walk outside of the house holding a hand but it doesn't take much walking for her to be pretty exhausted. One night Shawn and I were doing PT with her and she was working SO HARD to stand and walk over and over with a reward of crackers or playing with her piggy bank. Her little legs were shaking she was working so hard. Then she threw up a little. Poor baby...she must have felt like we do after we run after being pretty out of shape :) I guess we let her work a little too hard that night :) Sometimes I forget how hard things like standing and walking are for our little angel. Her muscle tone is low due to her Down Syndrome (although MUCH improved from when we first came home). She has days where she is willing to work harder than others (don't we all?) Some days she works her little tail off and then other days she wants nothing to do with walking at all. BUT IT'S HARD WORK! And we are so proud of how far she has come in such a short time. She couldn't even CRAWL when we came home!!! She slithered like a snake on her belly in May.  We are also working hard on more control and standing for longer periods of time without holding onto anything.  So Here are some videos of the sassy diva struttin' her stuff!

And this one doesn't have anything to do with walking but I think it's just adorable! We've been using this electric toothbrush more and more to give Zoya some stimulation and it has helped to cut back on her mouthing things. She also recently learned to shake her head no and nod yes. You can see her answering "yes" in the video. So cute. 

Some more walking action...

Rocking her little teeny baby

In the midst of rocking her baby saying "awww" more like "aaaaahhh" I think she looks like she is playing air guitar!

Rockin' out with her tambourine man!


  1. You can see the look of pure determination on Zoya's face.

    She's done a fantastic job already of mastering skills.

    The precious picture of her and the baby doll makes you just go oooohhhhh isn't that the sweetest thing?

    We can't even get that type of toothbrush near Ms. Iz, she is frightened of the sound. Did Zoya have any problems getting use to it?

  2. A Zoya video is the BEST way to end a day!!! Thank you!!! Her hair is getting so long - Oh my is she the prettiest little girl!!!

  3. Amazing pictures !!! Like you have said before: Zoya is a super rock star !!!!!! She has learned SO much in such a short time! So many blessings.

  4. She just gets cuter and cuter with every post!! Thanks for sharing her with us!
    Sunnie in NC

  5. Zoya is such a precious little girl, I'm so glad you continued to share her progression since she came home, what a beautiful, determined angel!
    When I grow up, I want to be just like Zoya.