Thursday, September 23, 2010


I feel like crying I'm so excited for this sweet boy and his soon to be family! For those of you who don't believe that God speaks to people....this proves it in my opinion. That day DRIVING IN THE CAR when I was slapped upside the face with God's request for me to do a blog post about Sasha is proof God speaks. I even fought with Him saying it would not make a difference. Well this time, listening made a difference. Sasha's soon to be family read that blog post!  I've had the opportunity to email with Sasha's soon to be family and field some questions about him. I've been able to share videos and pictures we took of him while we were in Ukraine and try my hardest to give him a voice. Looking back it is amazing to see that God placed us there and drew our attention to Sasha. This boy is so sweet I just cannot wait to see him home with his family. I am also so excited to know one more family that will be going to Zoya's old orphanage and visiting Zoya's old groupa and rescuing a boy that I saw in the flesh and prayed over many nights. God has big plans for Sasha....his life will be SAVED! Amazing Grace!


  1. I am so excited. And very relieved to know he has a mommy and daddy that want him. Thank you for being obedient to the Lord and writing that post. I too can't wait to "meet" his family.

  2. SOOOOO happy! I somehow missed your "driving in the car" post and I myself posted about him this week....I just couldn't stop thinking about him and thought FOR SURE someone had snatched him up and when I saw him still on the RR waiting list I couldn't believe it and was considering becoming his warrior for xmas....secretly hoping and praying he wouldn't need me to do that!
    I'm just THRILLED!

  3. That is great news! He is such a doll baby. Im jealous they get to have him for a son but so very happy for ALL of them! I would have loved him to be my boy,

  4. Hi again Sarah! If you don't mind, could you send me the email of the family adopting Sasha? I want to make sure they get all our pictures of him and also would love to give them an updated picture of Sofia to take with them to the groupa! You should do the same for Zoya...I bet the staff would be AMAZED at the girl's transformations!!!!

  5. Got tears reading this story. This is wonderful news for that sweet little boy. I just hope the new family is as dedicated as you and Shawn. Please let us know any news. If I were only 20 years younger......

    Sue M.

  6. Less than 20 days have passed since your post on Sasha...his life is changed forever because of those who wrote and advocated for him. So excited for him and his forever family!!!Amazing what God can do:)

  7. Hey all,

    Just want to say that WE are Sasha's new lucky family! We are so blessed to have so many people who care about Sasha and his story. Please continue to pray as we journey through the process of bringing him home. We know that the enemy is working overtime against this little boy, but we are desperate to show him that Christ's followers are alive and well and will not hesitate to answer His call.

    We would love for all of you to follow our journey on our blog:

    Thank you, especially to Sarah and Jennifer, who have graciously poured out their time, their love, and their hearts for Sasha and us.

    The Hagler Family
    Gary, Lindsay, Trey, Sasha and Luke

  8. Praise the Lord!! That is wonderful!