Thursday, September 2, 2010

Zoya's Best Friend Mya and Happy Girl Photos

Zoya's best friend is definitely Mya...unfortunately Mya just does not know that yet! Mya was and is our first baby but she just doesn't understand why we take Zoya everywhere when we leave and leave her here.  Mya refuses to kiss since we've been home she has never kissed her....this is how I know she is jealous. That doesn't keep Zoya from trying.  Most of the time now Zoya is nice to Mya and kisses her on her back and pets her nicely (as opposed to trying to rip her hair out when we first returned home). Zoya used to HATE the vacuum and would freak out when it turned on. Thanks to therapeutic listening along with Mya's dislike and running from the vacuum, vacuuming is now one of Zoya's favorite activities!! Mya runs from the vacuum and then follows it, then runs and then follows it...Zoya thinks this is hilarious and cracks up and chases Mya. Needless to say, it is near impossible to actually vacuum the entire carpet without getting one or both of them (Zoya and Mya) caught in the vacuum cord or sitting directly in the path of the vacuum! When I turn the vacuum off, Zoya signs "more." Zoya has recently taken an interest in playing with Mya by getting one of Mya's toys out of her box and throwing it for her or teasing her with it so she bites one end and plays tug of war. She thinks this is just so cool! See?

Zoya is always trying to incorporate Mya into her activities. Even if she doesn't, Mya follows her around anyways (probably making sure she is staying out of trouble!) In case you couldn't tell, Mya is positive she is human! And I think, in another life, she really was!

Want a shovel Mya? 

Zoya thinks it's pretty hilarious to splash Mya and watch her shake!

Wonder what Zoya was thinking here...

Petting Mya nicely...

Lately Zoya has been SUPER happy, like beaming! (well OK, other than those seldom frequent trips to time out lately). She found her laugh and uses it randomly while throwing her hand over her mouth cracking herself up! Her eyes have looked happier to me lately than ever before. She's always been pretty happy, but lately her eyes tell a story that says she couldn't be happier or more loved. See what I mean?

After a long day's could this not just melt all the stresses away?

laughing so hard because Daddy is giving her millions of kisses!

This picture looks like she is crying, but she is just laughing REALLY hard!

She loves her Daddy

Even with two knees that need surgery Shawn still runs around to make his girl happy!

Here Zoya says, "I know there must be food on that table...I will get up there myself if you don't help me."

We've been working on signing "help" for so long. Zoya could just not make her hands into the "help" shape, so I taught her to raise her hand and flap it around when she needs help. She is now using it appropriately and without prompting. She wanted to get up into her booster seat to get closer to the table here....she is signing "help"

And just a couple pics that I love....
Here she is making car sounds with her lips because she was playing with cars in her water table



  1. The song is This is Home, by Switchfoot!

    Zoya is adorable!

  2. She is so gorgeous, glad to see such spunk!! I tagged you on my blog :)

  3. Love the Mya and Zoya pics! And that beaming beautiful.

  4. What a great post!

    The pictures are terrific. Love them all.


  5. YOU made my day, with these HAPPY GIRL and HAPPY DOG pics!!!