Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Dinner Funnies and Determination

Zoya kept grabbing my fork at dinner and wanted more chicken. I kept reminding her to say "more" instead of grabbing. Each time she would say "more" with my prompting. The next time she grabbed the fork.......

Me: "Zoya use your words"

Zoya: "OOOOOOOOPEN" (big proud smile)

Me: sigh, "Good try but wrong word baby!"

I couldn't help but laugh with this sweet girl trying her hardest to do what her mama said! She is SO determined. If I could only pick one word to describe her, that would be it! Seriously, the concept of "impossible" is foreign to Zoya. Like it is impossible to fit a huge beach ball in her little tikes cozy coupe car while she is in there herself....but I'm telling ya, this girl doesn't stop trying! Like I always say, I wanna be like Zoya when I grow up!


  1. So true and so funny. I admire the determination factor as well.

  2. So funny and sweet! She is such a doll.


  3. Awww..what I wouldn't give for my Ella to want more chicken (or anything for that matter)..I wouldn't care if she used the right word or not :) We always laugh at Ella because she will be wanting something and we will ask "what do you want" and she will do the sign for want instead of for what she actually wants. They are a kick, aren't they!!

  4. Hey, you said "Use your words", and she did. :-) Perhaps you should be more specific as to which exact words you wanted her to use. I think she was telling you she was ready to OOOOOOPEN her mouth and you were to put food in it. Just a thought.

    Sue M.