Tuesday, November 30, 2010

The Popsicle Dance

I have a million things to blog about....things that are annoying me about how most of the rest of the world sees Down Syndrome...but I just don't feel like being a downer tonight....so I present you with a video of "The Popsicle Dance." Zoya came up with this one all on her own! And you get to hear her "no no no" which she is starting to say to me when I tell her to do something she doesn't want to do!!! This chic cracks me up!

And looking at these pics the thing that comes to mind is that one of the 3 words we were given to describe Zoya before we met her was "active." Yep, I agree :)

And a bonus video...warning, if you get motion sick take some Dramamine! We decided to try the "blanket swing" last night for some sensory play. The only other time we tried to do this it was with Zoya's OT and she HATED it. She has come a long way in her sensory development and I will just say Shawn and I couldn't keep up with her demand for "more swinging" last night! Our arms were burning. She would lay down on the blanket and say "more" and we would swing her again...she thought it was hilarious and even more funny when Mya would run into the blanket and bump her from underneath! I love this laugh of hers and I think she still sounds like a baby when she laughs...I LOVE it!


  1. What a GREAT way to start the day watching this video!

    Ms. Zoya you had me cracking up at your dance. "The Wiper" aka Shawn was swooping in every chance he got to wipe up after her was cute.

    Talk about some great workouts with the blanket swing, who needs a gym. :)

    Zoya's verbal skills are coming along nicely. Great job Zoya!

    :) Thanks for sharing!


    My kids love to watch Zoya on video, they always have. They get the greatest kick out of her.

    Be blessed

  3. Oh my goodnes! How clever is she passing the popsicle from one hand to the other! She's such a sweet angel!

  4. LOVE that she still has her baby laugh!!! And she is quite the dancer...ah, Christmas will be soooo much fun with dear Zoya.