Monday, November 22, 2010

Elmo's Front Row Seat

It's no secret, Zoya LOVES Elmo. She sometimes still calls him "Lala" because that's what he says but now she's mostly calling him "Melmo" which is totally adorable.  She asks about a million times a day to watch Elmo, but the kicker is, she only wants to watch the SAME video over and over! It's Sesame Sings Karaoke. I bought about five other ones and she actually gets annoyed when I tell her she can watch Elmo and put a different video in...even if it is all Elmo! I'm pretty sure I have this video memorized by now...and no worries, you can buy it on Amazon. One day I panicked a little because I realized I bought this video at T.J. Maxx for $3 and I freaked out thinking it was irreplaceable and what if something happened to it....oh my what would we do!?

Anyways, Zoya had us laughing the other night because she was making sure her Elmo doll could see the TV and watch Sesame Sings Karaoke with her. She kept moving him all around and positioning him just right so he could see the TV. Then she'd rub his head and kiss him! What a good little mama she is to her Elmo!

Hey I know him! We're friends because I see him almost every day!

If you wanna see this smile, just put in Sesame Sings Karaoke...she looks like a kid at Disney World!

Elmo's Front Row Seat....

Kisses to Elmo from Mama Zoya

A little squeeze for Elmo

She moved him to the other side so he could see better I think...he looks happy to me!

Friends forever!

Checking to make sure Elmo isn't too sad during this sad part of the video...

"Seriously Mom, you don't even have a good excuse for not allowing me to watch Elmo AGAIN!"

P.S. This year I'm SO thankful Zoya likes Elmo and forgot all about Barney...Elmo is so much more tolerable!


  1. I knew our girls had a lot in common! Ella LOVES Elmo too. He is her great obsession. Although she still loves Barney too.

  2. Honestly - she is the MOST Amazing little girl. I love that she moves Elmo all around to get a better view!! Maybe she will be willing to talk to Owen and Sara about making the transition to Elmo - Yes, Barney is getting a little OLD!!!

  3. My biggest fear is that our daughter will love Barney...I will do everything I can to make sure that purple thing never steps foot in my house! Ugh! He gives me the creeps!

  4. Lalalala! How cute is that! You know you are a great mother, but that just shows how kids learn so much about mothering from their own...Lucky Elmo, lucky Zoya, lucky Sarah...thanks for sharing.

  5. Oh, her excited face is so full of joy- I couldn't help but smile with her!!

    I had a similar video obsession when I was younger. I had two Mother Goose videos that I would watch over and over and over- I literally watched NOTHING else. My parents and grandparents to this day still talk about it, and I still have parts of it memorized in my mind. :)


  6. I have found your blog down the road of many different adoption blogs and just never left a comment. I just wanted to let you know that Zoya is an absolute doll! My 2 year old LOVES "melmo" just as much and that is what she calls him too. We are taking her to see Elmo Live in 2 weekends and I CAN'T WAIT..and am hoping she doesn't freak out watching a HUGE Elmo on stage :). Hoping Santa brings Zoya new Elmo toys for Christmas this year :).

  7. Adorable! I have to disagree about your Barney/Elmo comparison though. On video, Elmo is equally annoying as Barney :-) Think high pitched "Elmo want to watch television. Elmo want to eat. Elmo, Elmo, Elmo." Good thing Zoya's Elmo doesn't talk. Happy Thanksgiving, you have a lot to be thankful for.

    Sue M.