Friday, January 14, 2011

Robot Dance and Some Yoga

Zoya was really making me laugh tonight! She started doing this "robot dance" when I got the camera out. She was moving her arms like a robot...I have no idea where she learned this...all I can think is that her newest favorite Elmo video (Best of Elmo 2) has a robot as a main character and they dance. Either way its pretty darn funny. Then half way through you can see her new yoga moves (or as Uncle Bub affectionately calls it "Dog peeing on fire hydrant!" haha) with her leg in the air. I bet her PT would be so proud...these moves definitely require some good core strength!!


  1. Zoya,
    I can see you now, dancing with your daddy at your wedding, what a beautiful future you have in front of you sweet girl. You keep up that dancing, darling one, your prince charming has years before he will sweep you off those beautiful feet!

    Love finds a way,

  2. Oh My - This is so Awesome. I am cracking up!! Loving all the dance moves. Go Zoya Go!!!! From Spaghetti legs to the fire hydrant pee move - Amazing!!!!!