Friday, January 7, 2011

Tubes Recovery and Silly Cell Phone Pictures!

Zoya is doing fantastic! She has blabbered more today than I've ever heard her before!! I think she is definitely hearing new sounds she had not heard before! It's like she just likes to hear herself go on and on...pretty hilarious. She is not loving the 5 ear drops in each ear 3 times a day, but I wouldn't either! Also, we are working on getting custom made ear plugs for her teeny ears, but until then its cotton balls with Vaseline in the ears for bath time...that's kind of a pain and she doesn't really enjoy it but she leaves them in at least!

Here is Zoya watching Elmo waiting for her happy juice before surgery.

Why do I feel so funny?

I can barely keep my eyes open!

And the day after...pretty sure she forgot all about it by this point!
She was walking all around the store and listening to everything I said, like "this way" or "turn here" and then Daddy decided to put her in the big part of the cart standing up...baaaaad idea Daddy! At least for this picture she listened when I said, "sit down." After she realized how much fun riding in the big part is, she didn't want to walk anymore!

A shopper in training :)

Hangin out like a big kid...

Momma let me wear her wet hair towel! I think it's soooo funny!

Thanks for your prayers....Zoya is back to normal plus some extra new hearing!

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  1. That SMILE....does she ever NOT's so wonderful!!!!

  2. The towel picture is hysterical.

    Glad to hear that she is back to her happy go lucky self, that sure is a relief I know.

    Love ya Ms. Zoya!

  3. Oooooh you are training her to shop for the GOOD stuff!! I see Cricut supplies! Are you a scrapper too? So glad things went well, and she is pretty much recovered. God is good!!

  4. My gosh do I love that face! Her smile can light the world! She is the most beautiful gal!

    Be blessed

  5. Her smile is contagious!! Glad she's doing better and hearing a whole new world!!

  6. Good to hear things went good. I was wondering why you where looking into custome fit ear plugs. My daughter Clara Rose (Also DS and actually just a few days younger than Zoya) is on her second set of tubes. We only had to do the cotton balls with vasiline for a few days after surgery then she was good to go.