Sunday, January 2, 2011

Zoya and her Cuteness

As promised, here are a few videos of the princess. You will see Zoya dancing...she just realized she has feet that move when she picks them up and dancing doesn't just mean shaking her booty/arms/and head anymore! She keeps kicking out her left leg it's so funny! You will also see lots of twirling which is Zoya's new favorite thing to do! Her balance is getting so much better! My favorite in these videos is her new laugh. The tongue between her teeth and thhhh thhhh thhh big girl laugh sound she is making. What a nut! I tried to get her cracking up at Mya with the bubbles but I lost my chance at that because after the first ten time (not on video) it wasn't as funny to her anymore. You can at least hear her say "more bubbles" pretty nicely! Enjoy!


  1. All we can say here at our house is WOOHOO New Zoya videos!

    We watched them all and then went back and watched the others one by one by one by one. LOL I think Izzy loves the ones from the orphanage just as much as the new ones. Her favorites include: the running (or she says flying) in the yard after Mya, the walker (aka running to Ms. Iz) in the street, and of course you have to know it is all about the dancing.

    Speaking of dancing I believe we "almost" got a glimpse of Mr. Shawn bustin out some moves on camera. LOL I love when Zoya would look over and he must have been dancing she was smiling. :)

    Love it all!

    Way to go on speaking Zoya, you rock girl! You're really getting great balance, I'm so impressed.

  2. Hello we are adopting from the same orphange that your little angel came from #2. We are also adopting from Reece's Rainbow and I would like to ask you questions about the area, apt, stores, orphange. Would you email me at Thank you

  3. aww I love her! More! Bubbles!!

    Praise God that she found you!!