Thursday, January 27, 2011

Robot Voice

Zoya's new most favorite Elmo DVD in the entire world is Best of Elmo 2 right now. This is her third video that she has formed such an attachment to. She still enjoys watching the other ones but it seems she get a new favorite for a month or two and then moves onto another new favorite. Anyways, she requests the video about 29 times a day! She asks for it by using a robot voice....I've been trying to get it on video and this is the best I've gotten so far! When I say, "Need more energy" (like the robot on the dvd says) she cracks herself right up! This laugh of hers is hillarious! You will see in the video that she is putting her dirty clothes in the hamper before her bath....she can't stand a mess!

I'm also happy to report (in teeny tiny writing so I don't jinx it) Zoya has been dry three evenings in a row!! Woohooo! We're sorta potty training but not really but kinda....the low pressure no stress way! We changed to pull ups except for nighttime.  We take her potty every hour or so and have changed her from being able to drink all the time to having bigger drinks less frequently so she is more predictable.  This summer I'll get serious about it.  She will start preschool in the fall and it'd be oh so nice if she was potty trained....even schedule trained would be ok!  She isn't asking to go yet (well she did ask a couple times but I don't know if she made the connection or just thought about it bc she was near the bathroom)....but she is staying dry and seems to be holding it until I take her potty every hour or so :)  As far as poop on the potty....that was a one time deal....she hides from me when she has to poop! And if I can see she is going I will put her on the potty and she will stop and hold it until I put her diaper back on!  Stinker :)

And just for fun....this is why Daddy is not allowed to pick out Zoya's outfits! aaaiiiiyyyyy!


  1. Those pants are awesome!


  2. I love the Robot Voice!

    Funny I was just thinking how she was doing with the potty training and you answered it. brain waves......

    Ok, in Shawn's defense...... at least he picked a shirt and pair of pants that did have all the same colors in them. A for effort! I totally think the Punky Brewster look is back in too! She looks adorable!

    Thanks for sharing!

    Hugs to Ms. Zoya!


  3. We love the robot voice!! It made us laugh too:) And as for the outfit,.....Shawn, Shawn, oh Shawn what were you thinking:)? Brian is in your corner though b/c he thinks the outfit is just fine.