Thursday, January 6, 2011


Zoya's surgery went well this morning. She had tubes put in both ears and an ABR hearing test while sedated. She came out of anesthesia much better this time. She still cried quite a bit but not nearly as much as she did for the tear duct surgery. She was comforted by Mama, Daddy, Elmo DVD, and her new favorite....peanut butter! Once they removed the IV and all the tape she was mostly a happy camper. She did not, however, want any medical equipment or nurses near her! It was so nice to see such a difference in her between this surgery and the last. She sought comfort from us and we were able to calm her down.  The doctor said Zoya's right ear had a clear fluid when they cut into her eardrum, which is what they typically see. He said that her left ear, however, had a very thick glue-like fluid which is not good. I asked if that meant it was infected and he said no, but that it likely caused her a 30-40% hearing loss in that ear prior to tubes. I had no idea it was that bad :( He said that could contribute to quite a bit of pain on a flight, especially three consecutive flights from Ukraine to home....which now makes a little more sense why she might have had such a rough time on the very long flight.  The good news is that the hearing test they did right after they put the tubes in showed almost perfect hearing in both ears! She didn't respond to some low tones but the doctor said those tones are not conversational or speech tones and would not interfere with her acquiring speech. He also said he thought after all the fluid drains from her ears this hearing loss of low tones should be reversed and she should have absolutely no hearing issues.  So as far as he was concerned she now has perfect hearing!

I kept thinking afterward about how this poor angel went through open heart surgery with no momma and daddy by her side :( (although I think you mommas and daddys who go through an open heart surgery procedure with your children are amazing! Even little procedures like this hurt my heart). I'm so glad she is here with us and we can comfort her and spoil her until she feels better! She's snoozing away now catching up on her sleep! Thank you God for this precious angel!


  1. I'm so glad everything went well! :)

  2. Kiss that little sweetie up good while she recovers. So glad it went well and is behind you.

    Praying for quick healing,
    Karrie in IN

  3. Oh Sarah,
    I'm so glad Zoya came through her surgery with no problems. Anytime you see your little one wheeled away for surgery is just heartbreaking no matter how big or small the procedure might be. Glad that yucky, gluey stuff is gone. Now Zoya can tackle the world hearing all the beautiful words her momma and daddy whisper in her ear...Take care of that sweet girl, hope she feels better soon!

    Love wins,
    Renee Tam

  4. Wooohoo! Zoya so glad that everything went so well.

    Thanks for posting so we could all be updated asap! Love it!


    Hugs & Kisses to Ms. Zoya!

  5. That's great that her hearing should be so good now!! When did she have her heart surgery? Darya had hers at about 17 months old (Nov. '09) and when I see that big ole scar it, too, makes me sad that she had to go through that alone :-(

  6. Aw. I am glad she is doing well. Noah had his done last week. It was his best surgery as far as recovery. He was up flirting with the nurses right after, lol.

    Be blessed


  7. So, I came across your blog as we have been considering adoption from eastern europe(and a child with down syndrome). You and your family keep popping up in my mind. We keep talking about how we would love to but...this or we would love to but what about that...I guess keep finding ways why we aren't ready yet.
    I just wanted you to know that this showed up in my facebook inbox just now.
    (Zoya nail polish is giving away 3 free bottles. I read about your zoya nail polish story last night..)
    So now God has my attention. Do you allow random onlookers to ask questions to your email? About Ukraine, and adoption?