Monday, August 8, 2011

Catching Up....Camping

We have been so busy around here lately with normal life and with Laina's adoption preparation. Things are moving quickly! 

We have been having SOME fun though! We joined Shawn's family for the day where they were camping :)

Here are some pictures of our fun day! Somehow Grandma escaped all the pictures!

Me and my girl :)

Grandpa's girl...

Pretending to kiss Grandpa and licking him instead! She thinks this is hillarious...we are just waiting to get a call from school asking why she is licking people! Umm maybe because we laugh every time she does it!

Zoya and cousin Mattea looking scared after the ride started.

More Grandpa time

And more...Look at that smile!

Lovin' her some Daddy!

Hangin' with Aunt Kim

Taking a little rest in the shade!

These two cousins thought it'd be funny to crawl in the dog kennel...I think Zoya started it!

Let us out!

Taking after her Daddy loving the John Deere

Silly Girls

Taking a break

I guess we know who the ham is....

Trying to get a comparison picture from last year

Okay that is ENOUGH!

Just kidding, that was all a show, I was never really upset, that was my "fake cry" face
See? Happy!

This girl would prefer to always be in someone's arms...velcro girl!

Smoochin' on Daddy

Mattea was so funny posing for me to take pictures

Senior portrait?

How's this "hold the arm" pose Aunt Sarah?

I think Zoya is tired from such a fun day of camping!!!

More fun posts to come (if I can find another hour somehwere)!!!


  1. How precious! Enjoy your remaining days of summer!

  2. So cute! I think Zoya has the best smile- her whole face lights up! Looks like a fun trip :)

  3. Oh what great fun that all looks like! Glad you guys had a great time with them.

    Smoochin girl, she's a hoot! Lovin on that daddy of hers!

  4. Zoya is just a beautiful little girl! I am so happy that she has cousins her age to play with and now a little sister. Glad that the adoption process is flying by.. I can't wait to follow your blogs and watch you save another little princess. Its just amazing ;)

  5. Paris has started the fake laugh and the fake cry. I have to admit, it is very cute. Give Z a smooch from me.